Orange Gemstones and their Types


Due to its bright and striking color, which radiates warmth and happiness, orange gemstones are a favorite choice among gemstone fans. Because orange is a color that inspires creativity, enthusiasm, and vitality, it makes a fantastic choice for jewelry that represents vigor, courage, and confidence. There are many different kinds of orange gemstones, each with unique qualities and features. Several possibilities range from intense orange colors to delicate and subtle orange shades.

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Citrine, a yellow-orange gemstone that is a type of quartz, is one of the most well-known orange gemstones. Citrine is renowned for its warm, sunny glow, making it the ideal stone for jewelry that aims to inspire and energize. Carnelian is another well-liked orange gemstone, a transparent chalcedony with a variety of orange tones ranging from pale orange to deep reddish-brown. Carnelian is a stone of boldness and imagination, and it is frequently used in jewelry that aims to promote self-assurance and creativity.

Spessartite Garnet, a kind of garnet renowned for its vivid orange-red colors, is another orange gemstone growing in popularity. As a stone of passion and vitality, spessartite garnet is frequently used in jewelry to inspire romance and creativity. Another orange gemstone, sunstone, is prized for its sparkling appearance; including minute copper or hematite, platelets cause it. Sunstone is frequently used in jewelry to evoke warmth, happiness, and joy. It has various orange tones, from delicate peach to rich golden orange.

In general, orange gemstones are an excellent option for anyone who wants to give their jewelry collection the vigor, vitality, and passion that the color orange is known for. There is an orange gemstone that will perfectly complement your style and attitude, regardless of whether you favor an intense and aggressive tone or a soft and subtle tint. I will discuss some popular types of orange gemstones along with their meanings, properties, and special occasions where you can use them.

Types of Orange Gemstones

Types of Orange Gemstones

Following are some of the common types of orange gemstones:

Orange Citrine


Citrine is the French word for lemon, a translucent kind of quartz. It’s a stone that withstands regular wear and tear fairly well and is reasonably durable. Citrine has excellent clarity, and it is frequently faceted to bring forth its radiance. Its vibrant color represents enthusiasm, pleasure, and joy.

Meaning and Properties of citrine

According to legend, this beautiful stone stimulates creativity, promotes self-expression, improves attention, and motivates people. It’s also thought to aid in shedding undesirable characteristics like despair, phobias, and fears.

Citrine for Special Occasions

We link the birthstones citrine and Topaz with November birthdays. Citrine is a gift from the sun due to its bright tone, and it is also frequently used to commemorate weddings that are 13 years old.

Orange Amber



Amber is a gemstone created of fossilized tree resin with the color orange. It comes in orange, gold, and yellow colors. Since various resins can capture insects, the orange stone may contain plant or animal resin. As a result, these diamonds are rising in value. Due to its extreme softness, you must handle the mineral carefully to prevent scratches. Orange amber is most commonly seen in Russia and the Baltic. It’s a natural gemstone. Each gem is distinct and reasonably priced. Its weakness is that it is soft.

Meaning and Properties of Orange Amber

Since ancient times, it has been used to make jewelry and is said to have healing and protective characteristics. According to legend, the gemstone fosters positivity, confidence, and inventiveness. Additionally, the user is said to experience relaxing and anchoring effects from it.

Orange Amber for Special Occasions

Orange amber is frequently used in jewelry for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations and is commonly connected to the autumnal season. Additionally, it is a well-liked gemstone for Leo zodiac sign natives.

Orange Sapphire


Orange hues in sapphires are incredibly uncommon (blue sapphires typically spring to mind). This indicates that practically all of the orange sapphires sold today undergo some enhancement to get the necessary level of color richness. Only diamonds are more resistant to wear than these jewels. Sapphires are ideal for a variety of jewelry designs because of their durability.

Meaning and properties of Orange Sapphire

Because orange sapphires are said to represent knowledge, wearing them will stimulate your brain and improve your intuition. They are also known to boost levels of self-mastery and clarity. People can connect Orange sapphires with fortune, security, spiritual wisdom, and stability.

Orange Sapphire for Special Occasions

Given that the sapphire is the September birthstone, it is the ideal present for your loved ones, Virgo and Libra. The traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift is likewise a blue sapphire, but traditions are meant to be broken. A rare orange sapphire will be a great way to surprise someone with a present.


Although most people think of carnelian as having vibrant red-orange tones, it comes in a variety of chalcedony that ranges from pink-orange to red-orange to orange-brown. Heavy sun exposure can make your carnelian crystal darker and redder as the iron rusts, giving it its distinctive colors. The “Stone of Creativity,” also known as the ideal gemstone for artists, is carnelian. Due to its coloring, carnelian was given the name “the setting sun” by the Egyptians.

Meaning and Properties of Carnelian

Carnelian is one of the most revered gemstones in Islam. According to legend, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wore a carnelian as a signet ring. The gemstone orange carnelian is associated with bravery, vitality, and inventiveness. It can increase one’s power and energy while giving stability and foundation. The sacral chakra, which is situated in the lower belly and is linked to creativity, sensuality, and emotions, is frequently associated with this gemstone.

Carnelian on Special Occasions

Orange Carnelian can be carried as a talisman or worn as jewelry to enhance vitality and confidence. People give it as a gift for the 12th wedding anniversaries. Carnelian is also the traditional birthstone for August babies.

Imperial Topaz


While Topaz is readily available and inexpensive, imperial or precious Topaz is rare and expensive. The Sanskrit term meaning fire is where the name Topaz first appeared. Its brilliant coloring has led to comparisons to a sunset’s hue. This stone is also quite transparent, almost always faceted, with a vitreous sheen, and exceedingly precise. It is occasionally carved into cabochons, though.

Meaning & Properties of Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz is thought to bestow wealth and riches on the wearer. Additionally, it encourages imagination, kindness, manifestation, and visualization. Because of this, it is a desirable stone for creative people.

Imperial Topaz for Special Occasions

Topaz is the birthstone for people born in November, along with citrine. Additionally, it is the gift stone for a 23rd wedding anniversary.

Tangerine Quartz


Because of its likeness to the orange fruit of the same name, tangerine quartz is a pale yellow to rust-orange variant of quartz. Other names for it include “sun fire” and “orange quartz.” This stone is hematoid quartz, which has hematite contained or covered in it. The stone’s color results from its physical origin, in which adjacent water rusts the iron-oxide mineral hematite, which bonds to clear quartz and coats it with an orange layer. You shouldn’t polish or acid bathe this delicate orange coating because doing so will cause the orange color of the quartz to fade.

Meaning and Properties of Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz represents curiosity, creativity, and innocent joy. The crystal’s healing abilities can help you achieve greater clarity and self-assurance and open your solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Tangerine Quartz for Special Occasions

Sun-dispositional Leo and Libra are the zodiac signs associated with tangerine quartz.

Orange Diamond


Orange diamonds, commonly called fire diamonds, are breathtaking and highly sought-after. Because of their color, we also call them “pumpkins.” The 5.54-carat Fancy Vivid Orange, the largest pumpkin diamond in the world, sold for a record-breaking $31.5 million. The most incredible alternative for the majority is synthetic orange diamonds due to how uncommon and expensive these stones are.

Meaning and properties of orange diamonds

The brilliant orange diamond symbolizes courage, vigor, and enthusiasm. It makes a fantastic present for those who either already possess these qualities or could use more of them in their lives.

A Diamond in Orange for Special Occasions

As the April birthstone, diamonds are frequently linked to romantic relationships because of their use in engagement and wedding rings. Given that the 60th wedding anniversary is also known as the Diamond Anniversary, it is also the appropriate present for everyone celebrating one.

Orange Calcite


Honey, orange, amber, and orange-red hues can be seen in orange calcite since orange calcite is made up of slight hematite inclusions that reflect orange light because pure calcite is colorless. The stone is more suitable for earrings or pendants because it only has a Mohs hardness rating of 3. Calcite is a common calcium carbonate mineral with many ornamental and industrial applications. However, marble and limestone typically have it as their main component.

Meaning and Properties of Orange Calcite

Calcite is derived from the Latin word calx, which means “lime,” People have been using it throughout history, including the Egyptians who built the Great Pyramids of Giza and Michelangelo’s statues. Orange calcite symbolizes personal development and fulfillment. Stability during significant shifts and turning ideas into reality are examples of healing usage.

Orange Calcite for Special Occasions

Orange calcite can also be used as a zodiac stone by those born under the sign of Cancer.

Mexican Fire Opal


Mexican fire opals with vibrant tones of red and orange and high saturation are the rarest and most expensive kind. They are often faceted and carved into various forms, ranging from having some translucence to absolute transparency. Because they are also exceptionally delicate, fire opals are not the best material for everyday jewelry.

Meaning and Characteristics of Mexican Fire Opals

The wearer of these stones experiences abundance, creativity, luck, and passion. They also improve intuition and simplify decision-making because you can trust your gut more.

Fire Opal Mexico for Special Occasions

Opal is the October birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 14th wedding, though not mainly Mexican fire opal. It’s interesting to note that the Mexican fire opal is the nation’s official gemstone.

Orange Moonstone

Orange-MoonstoneAn orthoclase feldspar type known as orange moonstone has iron inclusions that give it gentle peach to vivid orange colors. The optical phenomenon of adularescence causes this gem to sparkle in a white-to-blue color, as does every moonstone crystal. Moonstones rarely include orange, and translucent, saturated examples sell for much money. The pale pink-orange kind of moonstone known as peach moonstone and rainbow moonstones, which exhibit green and orange coloring but are labradorite, not moonstone, are other moonstones with orange color.

Meaning and Properties of Orange Moonstone

The orange moonstone is known as the “Stone of New Beginnings” because it represents fulfillment, harmony, and hope. This orange stone can balance the sacral and third eye chakras in terms of healing. It’s also well-recognized for attractive love.

Orange Moonstone for Special Occasions

This gemstone is associated with several moon deities and is the birthstone for June. While the ancient Indians associated the crystals with Chandra, their moon goddess, the ancient Romans thought moonstones originated from Diana, the moon goddess. Moonstone is advantageous for anyone with a Cancer sun, moon, or rising because it is the moon’s planetary stone.

Orange Zircon


Because the names of the stones are similar, Zircon and cubic zirconia are sometimes misunderstood, but they couldn’t be more different! While Zircon is a natural gemstone that is as bright as uncommon, cubic zirconia is a less expensive diamond substitute. Mainly orange Zircon is almost often faceted to enhance its dazzling brilliance.

Meaning and properties of orange Zircon

Zircons, which are typically brown or orange, represent the earth. It’s an excellent option for someone who needs to ground themselves because it’s thought to contain healing energy.

Orange Zircon for Special Occasions

The birthstone for December newborns is Zircon. Although some kinds are far rarer than diamonds, the price of these stones is typically significantly lower! This implies that you can pay a meager amount for a stunning gemstone. Although not specifically related to any anniversary, its beauty and affordability make it a fantastic option for any anniversary present.

Orange Aventurine


Aventurine stones can exhibit beautiful orange tones with minute hematite or goethite inclusions. Higher concentrations result in saturated, brilliant orange, or peach examples, whereas lower quantities might result in muted brownish-orange stones. The mineral aventurine is a unique form of quartz made up of feldspar and chalcedony. The name “aventurescence” refers to the distinctive surface glitter of this stone, which is brought on by its numerous microscopic inclusion flakes.

Meaning and Properties of Orange Aventurine

Aventurine was thought to represent love and forgiveness by the ancient Chinese. As a result, they connected the stone to Kuan-Yin, a Buddhist deity. Because of its grounding and empowering qualities, orange aventurine is increasingly popular among crystal users.

Orange Aventurine for Special Occasions

These characteristics are reasonably appropriate for a grounded Earth sign. You guessed it. You can wear an Orange aventurine as a lucky charm by the Taurus zodiac sign.

Oregon Sunstone


This unique, rare gemstone bears the name of the North American state where it is most frequently found and has trace quantities of copper impurities. These inclusions produce small metallic flashes that give it a sparkling effect when light reflects off and you hold it at the proper angle.

Meaning & Properties of Oregon Sunstone

The Oregon sunstone is thought to inspire wearers by bestowing upon their freedom, happiness, and independence. Sunstones can promote luck, ease anxiety, and lessen tension.

Oregon Sunstone for Special Occasions

This stone was designated as Oregon’s state jewel in 1987, and according to folklore, Sunday-born individuals should consider wearing it. It makes a great present because it is thought to summon our innate goodness and let our true selves go.

Orange Spinel


Orange spinel is famous among collectors since it is so uncommon. While most gemstones are inclusion-free, some may have long, pointed, thin, rutile inclusions. These are what create the gem’s much-desired asterism or star-like look. Even though this stone is rarely improved or altered, synthetic equivalents are sometimes sold.

Meaning and properties of Orange Spinel

Orange spinel is thought to assist you in putting your ego aside and dedicating yourself to someone else. Like most fiery stones, it is believed to promote better longevity, loyalty, and passion. Because of its connection to the root chakra, it can also boost physical energy.

Spinel Orange Special Occasions

One of the two birthstones for August is spinel, along with peridot. The orange spinel is thought to calm away melancholy and shield your loved one from harm. In addition, it represents the 22nd wedding anniversary.

Spessartite Garnet


Perhaps the most well-known garnet stone in the large and intricate garnet family is the spessartite garnet. Manganese deposits color them and exhibit a variety of orange tones, from paler shades to deep colors with red undertones. The most sought-after gemstones are huge, eye-clean spessartite garnets.

Properties and Meanings of Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite garnets are beneficial for energetically increasing your feelings because of their potent, energizing vibrations. They are powerful brain stimulants with metaphysical qualities that help creativity and manifestation. You can anticipate a rise in creativity, reason, and mental clarity when you wear them.

Spessartite Garnets for Special Occasions

Both the traditional and contemporary birthstones for January are garnets associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius. It also serves as the anniversary gemstone for the second wedding. But you can’t go wrong when it comes to giving this kind of gemstone to someone you love.

Orange Jasper


Numerous earth-toned forms of opaque chalcedony are known as jasper. The majority of jaspers have elaborate multicolor patterns. The word “jasper” is derived from the Old French word “jasper,” which means “spotted (or speckled) stone.” Many kinds are orange in color, including:

Noreena Jasper

Australian variety Noreena jasper has red, orange, yellow, and white patterns resembling acrylic paintings.

Carrasite Jasper

The surface of carrasite jasper is a motley blend of orange, yellow, forest green, red, and brown.

Bumblebee Jasper

This variant, which has orange, yellow, and black stripes, is an agate rather than a type of jasper.

Orbicular Jasper

The interconnecting spheres of orbicular jasper have a pattern that varies in color from rusty orange to reds and browns.

Picture Jasper

Picture jasper with red and orange swirls is known as “flame jasper.”

Meaning and Properties of Orange Jasper

Jasper stones, called the “Supreme Nurturer,” stand for certainty and serenity.

Orange Jasper for Special Occasions

This orange gemstone is both the March birthstone and a fortunate stone for Virgos.

Orange Tourmaline


Orange tourmaline is an exquisite gemstone in various colors, from more vibrant, pure hues to those brownish overtones. Most of them have pleochroism, meaning that the gem shows off two shades depending on the angle you’re looking at. This imparts a highly desirable attribute of changeability to the work of which it is a part.

Meaning and properties of orange tourmaline

The energy of action is transmitted by orange tourmaline, which is thought to assist the user in correcting how they employ their power in the physical world. According to legend, these stimulating stones inspire action, cleansing, and purification.

Orange Tourmaline for Special Occasions

Given that tourmaline is one of the two gemstones associated with October, it will be the ideal gift for your Libra and Scorpio friends. They serve as the anniversary gift for the eighth wedding anniversary as well.

Final Thoughts

Finally, orange gemstones provide a distinctive and colorful complement to any jewelry collection. Thanks to the various colors and varieties offered, there is something to fit every taste and style. Each gemstone has distinct qualities and features, from the warm and flaming hues of spessartite garnet to the subtle and beautiful tones of citrine and Imperial Topaz. Orange gemstones are a versatile choice that can bring a flash of color and refinement to any outfit, whether they are used as the center point in a statement piece or as an accent in a more subtle design. These lovely stones are a worthwhile and timeless investment for any jewelry enthusiast since you can cherish them for many years with proper upkeep and care.

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