Yellow Gemstones and their Types


When looking to give their jewelry collection some warmth and color, yellow gemstones are a popular choice. These gemstones offer a variety of hues and characteristics, from the sunny and bright tones of citrine to the rich and deep tones of yellow sapphire, making them a meaningful and adaptable choice for any occasion. Yellow diamonds also have profound meaning, standing for things like joy, happiness, and abundance. They also possess therapeutic and spiritual qualities that can help the wearer physically and mentally.

Consider including yellow crystals in your collection for several reasons. To begin with, they may inject a dash of fun and joy into any ensemble. Yellow gemstones are ideal for someone who desires more positivity because they bring luck, happiness, and vitality. Beautiful yellow gemstones make lovely gifts for everyone on your list because they’re reasonably priced.

Color and Quality Evaluation of Yellow Gemstones

color and quality evaluation of yellow gemstone

It would be best always to consider the stone’s hue, tone, and saturation when evaluating the color and quality of yellow gemstones. The stone’s hue determines its overall color, while its tone determines how light or dark it is. How vivid a color is depends on its saturation. Higher saturation means more value for the gemstone. It’s also crucial to check the stone’s clarity and ensure no apparent inclusions.

Yellow gemstones are an attractive and significant option for people looking to add warmth and optimism to their jewelry collection. There is a yellow gemstone to suit every taste and occasion, whether you draw yourself to the rich and abundant tones of yellow sapphire or the rich and lively hues of citrine.

Types of Yellow Gemstones

types of yellow gemstone

Following are some of the common types of yellow gemstones:

Yellow Amber Stone


When subjected to UV light or heat, amber stones can occasionally show various colors, such as blue, green, and red. Amber stone is a naturally occurring fossilized resin. It is a rare and expensive gemstone made of complicated hydrocarbons and frequently has insect inclusions. Although commonly used in jewelry, amber is regarded as a semi-precious stone and does not meet the criteria to be a mineral.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Amber Stone

This yellow gemstone has various spiritual meanings and attributes in many cultures. It is a potent energy source that can be used for healing, especially to balance the sacral chakra. People believe it brings luck and protects from evil spirits when worn as jewelry. The human body benefits from amber’s therapeutic properties because it works well as a painkiller for inflammatory, muscular, and chronic pains.

Yellow Amber Stone for Special Occasions

Yellow amber is not a stone of any month or zodiac sign. However, some people think it is especially advantageous for those born under the sign of Leo because it encourages confidence and bravery, which are traits connected to this sign.

Yellow Citrine


Citrine is a member of the quartz mineral family. Since the two stones are remarkably similar when cut, it frequently shows a resemblance to yellow topaz. Citrine gemstones are reasonably priced and are available in practically any cut you can imagine.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Citrine

Happiness and contentment are associated with the gemstone citrine, a favorite among crystal healers. Citrine is frequently set in white gold or silver to emphasize its bright, sunny tone.

Yellow Citrine for Special Occasions

Giving each other this gemstone on their 13th wedding anniversary is acceptable.

Yellow Calcite


Light yellow to orange-brown colors of yellow calcite, a sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate, are frequently seen. It often has a tabular or rhombohedral crystal habit with striations along the faces. Organic matter decomposes over time, releasing particles into the water that eventually settle at the bottom of lakes and seas, where yellow calcite often develops. It has a Mohs hardness grade of 3–4, which is relatively soft, compared to other stones.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is renowned as a powerful energy cleaner that offers enlightenment and constructive change. Its striking yellow hue emits potent qualities that aid mental clarity and treat visual problems. Practitioners frequently use this stone to channel good energy and achieve their objectives. Additionally, bringing calmness and peace into one’s life can aid in opening the heart chakra and restoring positivity.

Yellow Calcite for Special Occasions

Yellow calcite is not associated with any particular month. Still, it is particularly beneficial for those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, as it promotes emotional healing and inner peace.

Honey Calcite


Calcium carbonate mineral known as honey calcite is widespread around the world. Its form is opaque and golden brown with a distinctive texture and pattern. On the Mohs scale, it is between 3 and 4 on the hardness scale. Due to its rarity and unique golden color, it is costly.

Meaning and Properties of Honey Calcite

It provides the energies of empowerment, vigor, and optimism to consumers. It raises one’s spiritual consciousness and chakras, bringing harmony and balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It boosts the immune system, lessens the effects of stress and anxiety, and enhances communication abilities. You can also use it for scientific, philosophical, and ornamental purposes.

Honey Calcite for Special Occasions

Honey calcite is not associated with any particular month or zodiac sign.

Yellow Diamond


Rare jewels made of carbon are called yellow diamonds, and you can only discover them in South Africa. They are among the toughest gemstones and have unique intrinsic qualities that make them highly sought-after for usage in jewelry. Most yellow diamonds have a Mohs scale rating of 10, which qualifies them for daily use and even some activities that could result in bumps and scratches. The yellow diamond can benefit from various cuts, maximizing the stone’s brilliance and shine when viewed from multiple perspectives.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Diamond

It is believed that yellow diamonds have metaphysical qualities.  Another vital aspect is yellow diamond spiritual meanings. They are thought to enhance a person’s life with positivity, courage, good fortune, and wealth. Yellow diamonds stand for the sun’s strength and warmth and symbolize wisdom and clarity of intellect. As emblems of rank and elegance, you can frequently use them in fine jewelry, including engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Yellow Diamond for Special Occasions

Yellow diamonds are the birthstone for those born in November, so they would make a significant and appropriate gift for someone born during that month.

Yellow Sapphire


Along with ruby and blue sapphires, yellow sapphire is a member of the corundum family and is found in volcanic rocks and alluvial deposits in Sri Lanka and India. It is second only to diamond in terms of Mohs hardness (9), and iron impurities give it its distinctive yellow or orange color. Yellow sapphires are highly prized for their rarity and durability, and they frequently have fibrous inclusions that enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Sapphire

Since ancient times, yellow sapphire has been associated with spiritual connotations and metaphysical qualities. People believe that the wearer of this stone will be able to connect to prosperity, knowledge, success, and personal power. It is frequently used in crystal therapy to open the throat chakra and promote self-expression, creativity, and communication. In addition, it is thought that yellow sapphire aids in decision-making, truthfulness, emotional healing, and happiness.

Yellow Sapphire for Special Occasions

Yellow sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September.

Yellow Topaz


The yellow topaz is renowned for its brilliant yellow colors, which don’t require heat treatment. The Imperial Topaz is one of the uncommon and highly prized kinds of topaz, and the colors range from bright to dark yellow to orange.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Topaz

Aside from its beautiful luster, a yellow topaz has very few apparent inclusions, which makes it the ideal gemstone for jewelry designers. It is a calming gemstone that is said to promote harmony.

Yellow Topaz for Special Occasions

Yellow topaz is one of the birthstones for those born in November.

Yellow Jade


A type of stone called yellow jade is a member of the nephrite mineral group. It has a Mohs hardness of 6-7 and a lovely light dispersion that emits a magnificent sheen when exposed to light from lamps or the sun. The stone comes in various colors, with yellow being the most prevalent, including shades of delicate lemon yellow and golden honey. China and Burma are the primary sources of it, with smaller amounts coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Jade

For generations, people used yellow jade as a decorative and spiritual emblem. It possesses several metaphysical qualities, including increasing wisdom, fostering mental clarity, and bringing good fortune. The meaning of the stone varies based on the culture, but it typically represents wealth and success. It offers medicinal properties that aid in conditions like anxiety reduction, bodily pain relief, and courage.

Yellow Jade for Special Occasions

Yellow jade is not traditionally associated with a specific birth month or zodiac sign. However, jade is often given as a gift to celebrate the 12th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Lemon Jade



The nephrite jade family includes the semi-precious stone known as lemon jade. Despite having additional sources in Europe, North America, and Africa, it is mainly found in China and Russia. Due to the millions of years of chromium, vanadium, and iron absorption into the mineral’s structure, this vivid yellow-green stone has a distinctive color. Given its endurance and outstanding Mohs hardness rating of 7, it is perfect for use in jewelry.

Meaning and Properties of Lemon Jade

Lemon jade is thought to have metaphysical properties that can help those who wear it or have it nearby feel more energized. People claimed it could encourage emotional harmony, draw wealth and abundance, and foster creativity and intuition. Lemon jade is frequently associated with wealth and luck in terms of symbolism. It can signify power, joy, and safety from harm, advancement, achievement, and well-being.

Lemon Jade for Special Occasions

Lemon jade is not traditionally associated with a specific birth month or zodiac sign.

Yellow Quartz


A semi-precious gemstone made of silicon dioxide that ranges in color from light yellow to deep gold is called yellow quartz. It has a Mohs hardness of 7, and its crystal structure comprises tiny hexagonal plates or prisms that grow in groups or as single crystals. Yellow quartz is found in various deposits, including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It’s frequently either kept raw for metaphysical uses or cut into cabochons for use in jewelry.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Quartz

Yellow quartz is an empowering stone that inspires people to take charge of their life and pursue personal development. It can assist in balancing emotions and energy and promote positive attitudes by helping people to be more self-aware. Yellow quartz is supposed to provide healing, chakra balancing and other metaphysically advantageous qualities.

Yellow Quartz for Special Occasions

There is no established relationship between yellow quartz and a particular birth month or zodiac sign.

Lemon Quartz


Although lemon quartz is a semi-precious stone with many different shades and types, its distinctive yellowish-green color is its primary distinguishing feature. Mineral traces like iron oxides or hydrocarbons that are present inside the crystal structure are what give it its color. The Mohs Hardness Scale rates lemon quartz as a 7, making it ideal for daily wear. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and golden hues, ranging from mild to dark. The effect is stunning when the gemstone is placed with other naturally occurring quartz crystals, such as clear rock crystal or smoky quartz.

Meaning and Properties of Lemon Quartz

The metaphysical qualities of lemon quartz and the energy it emits are at the heart of its meaning. The glistening crystal encourages us to feel joy, making our lives lighter. It fosters warmth and optimism, offering consolation in gloomy or trying conditions. Lemon quartz has a wide range of intangible benefits, such as activating the head chakra for insight and clarity, lowering stress levels, attracting wealth into one’s life, fostering creative thinking, and arousing passion for one’s personal development.

Lemon Quartz for Special Occasions

Lemon quartz is often given as a gift to celebrate the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries.

Yellow Garnet


Semi-precious yellow garnet is available in various hues, from pale lemon to rich golden. It belongs to the broader garnet family, which contains gems like almandine, pyrope, and spessartite. Around the world, garnets have been discovered in places including India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and England. On the Mohs scale, yellow garnet has a hardness of 7–7.5, making it quite durable and excellent for jewelry pieces for everyday wear.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Garnet

The color yellow is associated with strength, bravery, and protection. Ancient societies utilized it to treat sadness, prevent nightmares, and promote prosperous commercial endeavors since it is said to fend off any bad karma or energy directed toward the wearer. If you require mental equilibrium during stressful or confusing circumstances or feel emotionally overpowered, you can utilize this crystal to help you center yourself.

Yellow Garnet for Special Occasions

Garnet is the birthstone for those born in January, so that it could be a thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone born during that month.

Mali Garnet


Alluvial deposits contain Mali Garnet, a rare form of garnet. Extreme heat and warm water helped break down silicate rocks into smaller pieces during their formation. Mali garnet is appropriate for jewelry and other decorative items since it has an average Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5. Its color range spans shades of yellowish orange, reddish brown, and olive green, and compared to other gemstones, it has a high dispersion value.

Meaning and Properties of Mali Garnet

For millennia, people have valued Mali garnet for its ethereal qualities, depth of symbolism, and spiritual significance. The Mali garnet has long been a part of religious rituals and celebrations as a decoration and an amulet. It represents various things, including fertility, harmony between couples, love, loyalty, and bravery. It can improve mental acuity, emotional balance, courage, and strength while treating depression, weariness, and stress.

Yellow Jasper


Yellow jasper is a stone with a yellow color that is primarily formed of quartz with traces of other minerals like iron oxide. It is excellent for carving or cutting into different forms since it has a good hardness of 6.7 to 7 on the Moh scale. This gemstone can be found worldwide, notably in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, the Rajasthan region of India, and the Ural Mountains of Russia. It is a visually alluring stone that is strong enough to survive to wear and tear without losing its charm over time, thanks to its vivid hue and rounded structure with smooth edges.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Jasper

Because of its potent spiritual implications, people from various civilizations frequently employ yellow jasper to bring protection, emotional balance, and mental clarity. People think this protective gemstone can ward off bad vibes and promote an optimistic view of life. Additionally, yellow jasper is believed to aid in opening the solar plexus chakra, which supports inner harmony and spiritual healing. It is a preferred material for jewelry and home accents like sculptures and paperweights due to its striking colors and distinctive patterns.

Yellow Jasper for Special Occasions

The 12th wedding anniversary is frequently celebrated with the gift of yellow jasper.

Yellow Opal


A silicate mineral made of hydrated silicon dioxide is called yellow opal. It has a variety of hues, including milky yellow, dark orange, and brown. Opals generally range in hardness from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, while lab-created valuable opals can range from 5 to 7. There are traces of minerals like copper and iron oxide in it, and you may find them in locations including Australia, Europe, South America, and Mexico. Water trapped inside its crystalline structure is what gives it its distinctive patterns.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Opal

The capacity of yellow opal to foster creativity, contentment, and self-assurance is well known. It has a vibrant energy that promotes personal development and power, brings forth inner strength, and aids in opening the heart chakra. This gemstone aids in attracting sensual energies and is linked to love, hope, and joy. Additionally, it is thought to bring prosperity, luck, and abundance into people’s lives.

Yellow Opal for Special Occasions

Yellow opal is the birthstone for those born in October

Yellow Tourmaline


Yellow, orange, and brown-yellow zircons are precious gemstones in these hues. With a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is one of the toughest naturally occurring minerals on the planet. Yellow zircon is perfect for jewelry and scientific instruments due to its distinctive refractive index, pleochroism effect, and appealing luster.

Meaning and Properties of Yellow Tourmaline

The Sinhalese word “turmoil” (which means “stone of mixed colors”) is where the name tourmaline originates. According to legend, the yellow tourmaline represents joy, happiness, and vigor. Additionally, it is thought that the stone fosters mental clarity and self-assurance. A gorgeous gemstone that is used in many different pieces of jewelry is yellow tourmaline. According to legend, yellow tourmaline fosters joy, happiness, and mental health. It is also believed that the yellow tourmaline is lucky.

Yellow Tourmaline for Special Occasions

The birthstone for people born in October is yellow tourmaline.


In conclusion, yellow gemstones are a popular choice for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts due to their variety of colors and desirable qualities. A yellow crystal can satisfy every taste and circumstance, ranging from the warm, sunny hues of citrine to the deep, rich tones of yellow sapphire. Yellow gemstones offer various medicinal and spiritual powers that can be advantageous to the wearer both physically and emotionally. They are also believed to have a wealth of symbolism, signifying happiness, joy, and abundance. There is a yellow gemstone for everyone, whether you are drawn to the rare and expensive yellow diamond or the colorful and adaptable yellow tourmaline. Ultimately, yellow gemstones are a great addition to any jewelry collection since they provide an effective and lovely method to bring warmth, happiness, and joy into your life.

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