Is It Safe to Use Face Mask After Piercing? Aftercare Guide

Face mask were previously only used by medical professionals. But after COVID spread, everyone, young and old, must do so when entering public spaces.

To avoid contracting the fatal COVID virus, wearing a mask is part of the procedure. People who are loyal supporters of body piercings may wonder whether it is acceptable to wear a face mask while pierced because. Unfortunately, we do not know when the pandemic will end.

Since they are not in contact with the mask, belly, and nipple piercings are prohibited. For nose rings, lip rings, tongue rings, septum rings, and earrings, things are different.

Is it Okay to Wear a Face Mask on Piercing?

Now, can someone with piercings wear a face mask? Can you relax? The response is both yes and no. No, you shouldn’t be concerned about it, and yes. You can use a face mask if you do have piercings. However, a few things to be mindful of when using a face mask. You must perform the following:

Factors to Evaluate While Choosing a Face Mask to Wear:

We advise that you carefully observe your piercer’s aftercare guidelines to accelerate the recovery of your new piercings. First, use saline solution to clean your new piercings twice per day. You’ll be less scared whenever you wear a mask the faster it heals.

Choose a Right Mask with Bands

We’re sure you’ve observed that not all masks fit the same if you’ve used them since Covid’s creation. However, the most often used covers include bands that loop around your ears. This could result in snags, discomfort, and delays in healing. If bars make you nervous, we advise you to look for mask hooks.

These are available in stores. The hooks maintain your mask adequately secured to your face without requiring you to thread it around your ears by hooking opposite sides of the show. You can change your hairstyle by acquiring a braid or bun if you need something to wrap your straps over.

Plan to Wear the Face Mask for Limited Time

It’s best to prepare in advance if you get a new piercing. For instance, avoid getting a piercing if you know you’ll need to wear a mask while it heals if you plan to go out and about. Find a date when you’ll be staying there instead. If you are a student, get a piercing over vacation.

You cannot afford to get your new piercings infections or inflammation during the critical healing phase. Consider your schedule carefully because there is no return once the needles or pierced gun hits your skin.

Additionally, doing some research before entering the studio is a good idea. If you ever go over state lines, each state also has laws concerning piercing shops. We advise you to wear a face mask throughout your visit and keep it on until the piercing is complete, irrespective of their rules.

You can show that you care about other people’s safety and responsibility by wearing your masks around them. Oral, lip, and nose piercings covered by a face mask may be prohibited in some places. Therefore, be careful to complete your research, especially if it’s a long travel. You do not want to discover that your request has been rejected and be disappointed.

Taking Care of Fresh Piercing

Avoid Acidic Products Around Your Piercings

Your piercing’s surrounding area may feel delicate for some time. Regardless of whether you’ve had your piercings for a long time, it’s a good idea to avoid using skincare products created with acids on the skin around your piercing because they can lead to dryness. You can apply products made with acids to other parts of your face. But it would be best if you were careful to keep pierced areas away from direct contact.

Apply Face Masks With Care

Keep the area around the piercing out of the face mask if you apply one. This is so that any residue from the show won’t go too close to the piercings, making removing it impossible without tugging on it. Use a formulation that you may carefully apply to the regions where you don’t have piercings instead of a sheet mask.

Manage Dry Skin With a Moisturizer

You might be cautious of touching the skin nearby when you get a piercing. You could decide to skip moisturizing as a result. This could be an issue, particularly in the winter when your skin is more prone to dryness and flaking. If you notice this happening, apply a mild, moisturizing moisturizer made for dry skin to the skin around your piercings.

Be Gentle

The areas around your piercings must be cleansed, but you must be careful to avoid aggressively rubbing any of these locations. Irritation might result from being too rough with the skin behind your piercings.

Eliminate Makeup Around Your Piercings

The last thing you would like is for any makeup, dirt, or debris to accumulate near your piercings (s). According to research, allergy and skin infections are two significant risks for persons with facial piercings. Because of this, it’s crucial to keep these places as clean as possible. Before performing your typical cleansing, think about using micellar water.

Final Verdict:

Certain piercings, especially those on the face, may experience considerable healing difficulties if you must wear a mask. Just because they are close to a face mask or its straps, nostril, conch, and forward helix pierced may not be the best choice to acquire.

You should never put additional strain on any of your healing piercings. This may cause many issues, piercing bumps, and worst-case scenarios, such as rejection.

Your skilled piercer should provide you with thorough aftercare instructions regardless of your piercing type. They will likely also have some helpful advice since they are presently adjusting to the new realities of having mask piercings. Always move from your piercer’s direction!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I wear a face mask while I have a pierced nose?

No, you shouldn’t be concerned about it, and yes, you can use a face mask when you have piercings—however, a few things to be cautious of when using a face mask.

What should you keep out of your piercings?

While your piercing is healing, stay away from rivers, lakes, hot tubs, pools, and other bodies of water. Keep your piercings in place. If you aren’t cleaning the jewelry, avoid twisting a fresh piercing. Also, keep your clothing away from the piercing.

How long would a nose piercing take to heal?

At first, you might have some blood, bruises, swelling, or discomfort. It could be red, sensitive, and inflammatory for up to three weeks. Nostril piercings recover fully in two to four months. In about three to four months, a piercing septum will heal.

What must a newly pierced person avoid?

  • I am using unclean hands to touch the piercing while caring for a nose piercing.
  • Playing with nose jewelry could irritate people.
  • I am attaching nose rings with others.
  • Making use of over-the-counter medicines like Neosporin.

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