How Can You Clean Belly Button Piercing While Taking Shower?

Suppose you’re thinking about getting your belly button Piercing, or you’ve recently had your belly button Piercing. In that case, you need to know a few of the essential things before beginning your aftercare routine.

Sustaining proper hygiene will protect you from infectious disease risks and allow for a faster healing process. Many argue that mild soaps are appropriate for washing the new piercing. At the same time, others argue that water and soaking it in saltwater is the greatest method of cleaning it properly. So, which is the superior option? Let us discuss it!

Can you Take Shower with Fresh Belly Button Piercing?

Avoid allowing soap to fall on the piercing when you’re in the shower. Since this could cause the newly Piercing area must become dry and irritated. Run warm water over your belly, penetrating for about two minutes, then wash it with salt and water soak. They tried to follow by a non-bacterial mild soap and water sanitizing.

To reduce your possibility of rejection to migration, you should keep up a good aftercare routine and clean the piercing on a routine basis. If sudsy waterfalls on the belly button, it’s fine as long even though you wash it off only with hot water and avoid scraping the area with your hands.

How Can You Clean it While Showering?

Many people prefer to use gentle soaps like “Cetaphil.” They clean the spot by lathering a tiny amount of soap in the palm of their hands and softly washing your piercing to consider removing any crusts that may have formed around the piercing. This should be applied no over than twice per day.

It is important to refrain from using creams and ointments because they prevent the piercing from healing properly. Moreover, it is best to avoid utilizing ear-piercing solution products like Bactine, which irritates the skin and is not suggested for long-term use.

Useful Products to Have:

Products like Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine, rubbing alcohol, and powerful soaps can dry your skin out and destroy formation tissue. Therefore you should avoid using them.

Although many people choose such a route for their aftercare routine, the most highly recommended product lines are the sea salt solution components that can be found in any piercing shop or pharmacist.

Have a Great Grip:

After you finish showering and also have run hot water over your belly button, gently pat the piercing with a dry clean towel rather than a towel. The reason is that a towel can become implicated in your piercing, causing the skin to become swollen and irritated, possibly leading to infection of your piercing.

Have a Solution:

If you prefer not to purchase any goods, you can start making your own sea salt solution at home by combining 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt with one cup of water. Then you take a q-tip and dip it into the solution to gently consider removing the around it crusts without having caused any discomfort or pain.

Two Ways to Make a Cleaning Solution at Home:

There are two other methods for cleaning saltwater piercings. You can add salt water to something like a spray bottle to clean the skin with a single spray. You could soak cotton in the solution combination and gently dab from around the area before washing it with a paper towel. Soak the site for almost three minutes before gently tapping dry with a paper towel if you decide to submerge your piercing.

If you decide to prepare this solution at home, you should prevent using table salt. Epsom salt, Kosher salt, and iodized sea salts because contain additional chemicals that may irritate the skin.

It could be better if you also carefully used the appropriate saltwater solution measurements. Because adding much more salt will irritate the skin, and introducing too little will have a small healing effect.

Suppose the homemade solution makes it sound too complicated. In that case, you could always ask the professional who Piercing your belly button to suggest the most appropriate saline solution item for optimal healing. However, they focus on saving time and are simple to use with the tiny mess.

This saves you the effort of determining whether or not you added the correct measurements. If you prefer to purchase goods, your solution in a store, look for one with no substances and a 0.9 % sterile solution. Avoid nasal watering and contact lens options because they contain eye-irritating ingredients.

Use of Pure Sea Salt:

To prevent any additives that may be damaging to the sensitive place, stick to pure sea salt, which dissolves easily into the solution. Moreover, it is best to confirm that the salt water solution that contains all of the necessary ingredients and measurement systems for proper care.

Irrespective of which route you choose, it is recommended that you clean your piercing between two and three times per day until it has fully recovered completely. To maintain your piercing as sterile as possible. They make absolutely sure your hands are completely dry before making contact with all of it.

Final Verdict:

Once your piercing begins to recover, you should keep on going to clean it for four weeks. In cases of the disease, you must also clean the piercing for very much longer durations because it may take anything between six months to a full year for the piercing to heal sufficiently.

If the piercing becomes diseased and hot to the touch, you should contact the specialist who performed the piercing so that they can examine the site and determine the presence of an infection. If you develop a chill and fever, you should see your doctor as soon as you can to see if you require antibiotics for a potential infection.

Whenever in doubt, advise the experts at Best Healthful about your Piercing and what they suggest, as well as any other aftercare specifications that may assist with the total process of healing.


Can I shower while wearing a belly button penetrating?

You should prevent other pools or collections of water in the same way that you must also avoid using a bath rather than taking a shower. Swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, and river systems should really be prevented within the first year following your initial piercing.

At home, how would you clean your belly button piercing?

Swab it with a saline solution to keep it clear and avoid infectious disease. At least every day, dab the area with clean gauze or a saline-soaked paper towel. You can make your own or dissolve 1/8 teaspoon of sodium in 1 cup of warm, extracted, or water bottles.

How would you shower when you have a new belly button piercing?

Shower as usual; the very last thing you’ll do in the shower is clean your wound. In your hands, lather up a few really gentle, fragrance-free, non-antibacterial soaps and softly wash your piercing. You just need enough friction to clean the piercing without causing trauma to it.

When am I allowed to stop having to clean my belly piercing?

Sometimes when your belly button piercing does appear to be the ability to heal well, and there are no signs of problems, you should clean it every four weeks for the next four weeks. Moreover, if you get an infectious disease, you’ll be cleaning your wound for very much longer.

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