How to Choose the Right Ring Size by Feeling it in Your Nose?

It’s more difficult to purchase nose rings than bags. It doesn’t necessarily fit your piercing just because you like it. There are three things to think about when looking for a nose ring.

Last but not least, ask your vendor if they have any questions. Give extra thought to measuring. So yeah, purchasing nose rings can be a little challenging, but don’t worry. We’ll give you a few pointers that will make the process simple.

The Gauges Are Measured in What Way?

The gauge describes the thickness of the material used to make your nose ring. One thing to bear in mind is that the thickness of the jewelry increases as the number decreases. For instance, a 22-gauge nose hoop is roughly 0.64 mm in diameter, compared to 1.0 mm for an 18 gauge.

For the safety of your piercing, it is crucial to know the gauge of the jewelry. Don’t shove jewelry into a piercing if it is too thick. What if you don’t remember or can’t remember your size? Here are some alternatives when you cannot determine the gauge with a ruler. #1 You can ask your piercer for assistance.

The best method to be sure you’re using the right gauge is probably to do it this way.

If you’ve already purchased nose rings

The shops where you purchased them are likely to have gauge cards. Compare the thickness of your jewelry with a gauge card.

Utilize a micrometer or caliper, third

To measure the gauge, use a caliper or a micrometer. Although a micrometer is fairly expensive, it provides accurate measurements.

Wheels for Gauge Measurement

Steel is typically used to make gauge measurement steels. These wheels could damage your jewelry because of their sharp edges.

Tool Gauge

A drill gauge can be used to determine the gauge of a labret or an L-bend nose stud. Unfortunately, this tool won’t be useful if you want to find out the approximate thickness of a nose hoop. Your jewelry may be scratched as a result.

What Size Do Nose Piercings Typically Use?

Although 18 gauge is the most popular gauge for nose piercings, some people choose to scale down to 20 gauge when their piercing has fully healed. Rarely do people decide to switch to a 22 gauge.

Professional piercers advise against using thinner than 22 gauge jewellery since it can bend easily, and you will be wasting your money.

How can I find out how big my nose ring is?

Check your jewellery collection for nose hoops. All you need to do is use a caliper to measure the inner diameter if you can’t recall what diameter they were when you got them. On the other hand, if you’re unsure of the inner diameter, you can measure it by drawing a horizontal, straight line across the center of the hoop.

Can I tighten the hoop around my nose?

Don’t give up hope if your treasure chest lacks a nostril hoop. At home, measuring your nose piercing is simple.

The measurement focuses more on how high your nostril’s tip is above the piercing. To determine what diameter will allow your jewelry to fit comfortably, utilize paper and a ruler. There is a method we use to obtain the measurement.

Instead of placing the ruler against your nose, we advise cutting a piece of paper, aligning it with your piercing at the top, and making a mark on the bottom border of your nostril.

Put the paper’s edge at the base of your nostril, hold it up, and mark the spot where your piercing hole is to make a mark. This measurement will show the smallest inner diameter.

Is the nose ring too snugly fitting?

No, is the response. Your nose ring is certainly too tight if it causes discomfort, and you can already feel the pressure when you insert the hoop. If you can hardly close the hoop, there is another sign that it is excessively tight.

What if I want to reduce the size of my hoops?

Can I reduce the size of my hoops? Can I reduce it in size? You can, of course, but we strongly advise against it. Assuming that you ordered the incorrect size online. You have no choice but to measure the piercing and get a new hoop if the current one is too loose.

By utilizing regular household tools to try to resize or modify a hoop at home, you run the risk of damaging your jewelry, which can be dangerous if it has sharp edges.

What Should I Do If My Nose Piercing Is Too High for A Hoop?

Many people lament the excessive height of their nose piercing. You simply need to pick a new jewelry shape in this situation. You can get an open hoop or an oval nose ring.

Which Jewelry Designs Do You Prefer?

There is a wide variety of nose-piercing jewelry available. Let’s look at a few of the popular nose piercings in use nowadays.

Nose rings

Numerous styles of nose studs are available. What kind of jewelry to buy is not governed by any rules? Everything comes down to personal preference.

Before spending money on a piece of jewelry, we advise you to look at a variety of styles. Spending money on something you won’t use because you discovered a better choice is the last thing you want to do. The twist, bone, L Post, and pin are a few examples of nose stud designs.

This unusual style of nose stud is called a “twist,” and it is formed like a screw thread. You only need to twist it to fit it into the hole.

A bone prong is a straight prong that has a little nub at the very end that is only a little bit larger than the piercing gauge. Simply insert the bone prong into the piercing to wear it.

As the name suggests, this nose stud’s prongs are formed like the letter L. Inserting this jewellery requires a gentle push through the piercing at a 90-degree angle. You should then slightly twist the jewelry to secure it.

The only piece of jewelry on the list that can be worn in further piercings is the flat back stud. This piercing is frequently used for cartilage and lip piercings. It has a flat threaded prong and a prong.

How Should I Take Care of My New Piercing?

The fact that a nose piercing heals quite quickly is its best feature. However, it will only occur if you adhere to the aftercare recommendations of your piercer. Expectations should be kept in check because healing might take weeks or even months.

After getting your nose pierced, you will feel a little soreness, redness, and inflammation for the first few days. This ought to pass within a week.

Till the wound is fully healed, keep the original jewelry. Rinse the piercing with saline solution at least twice a day to keep it clean.

Looking for A Cleaning Solution for Piercings?

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