Blue Wedding Dresses


White is the most common wedding dress in Western society, and no doubt it looks classic. However, blue wedding dresses are getting popular these days. Blue was a color of purity in ancient times, and now it is considered to be the color of virginity. It gives a stunning look not only to a bride, but we have seen some bridegrooms in blue too. It has now become a trend, and people are more into it. David Carson Said:

“Good things are associated with blue, like clear days, more than singing the blues. Just the word ‘blue’ in the singular is full of optimism and positive connotation to most people”.

A wedding is a day that comes mostly once in your life, and you do everything in your power to make it memorable. Your wedding dress is the most important part in this regard. You capture memories by taking pictures and recording videos, so you have to look good in front of the camera. Blue is also a tradition in some regions of the world like Ireland; Irish brides wear blue instead of white on their wedding day.  Blue is a color that makes you look confident and courageous. It is an attractive color and gets the attention of everybody nearby. In this article, we are going to discuss some popular blue wedding dresses that can make your wedding day memorable.

There is always a selection when it comes to wedding attire. Brides have a wide range of color options, from the traditional white gown to more distinctive choices like blush or champagne. But a blue wedding dress can be the perfect choice for you if you want to stand out on your special day. The hue blue can evoke various feelings and moods, from quiet and serenity to bright and vivid. Here are some of the top blue wedding gowns and dresses available now.

Violet Dreaming

This is one of the finest styles available in the market, which can make your wedding a special one. Wonderful blue dreamy romanticism all in one picture is provided by this unique dress. The cooler months are ideal for weddings when you are wearing this long-sleeve lace style fit. The calm, romantic ambiance that the light lavender tones create will be perfect for your blue wedding theme. This dress will give your style and personality a soft and decent touch. The extra thin clothing exposing the upper portion of the body will give you a little bit of a bold look too.

Sun Soaked Blues

The brides who love the color of the ocean will love this dress too. This dress resembles the color of an ocean. The rich blues of the great open ocean inspire this blue wedding dress trend. With these rich hues and feminine styling, you’ll feel gorgeous all year long. Men also try blue at their weddings, but this color suits them more with ladies. You will feel powerful and alluring in this deep blue wedding day ensemble. This style is not for people who are shy and introverted. However, those who want to look sexy and bold will love this style and dress for their wedding with the plus point of the ocean blue color.

Tulle Blue Ball Gown

You might want a highly unconventional blushing ball gown. Both delicate and stylish describe this dress. You’ll feel girly and bold in your magnificent blue wedding day style because of the combination of soft color tones and this pleasing shape. As white was the previous trend, it is now replaced by blue wedding dresses. I recommend this dress because it combines both styles and colors. It’s not so blue or white that it can be distinguished so that you can have both types at one time at the same wedding due to its soft color tone.

White and Blue Wedding Dresses

There is another way to give your dress a white and blue touch. Tulle blue ball gown was one way to do that, while wearing a combination of white and blue color dresses will be a great option for your wedding. Dresses that are all blue may be too much for you. Wedding dresses in white and blue are a wonderful alternative. Make a statement in a blue or white wedding dress or the opposite. The bus, train, sleeves, waistline, or even the layers of the skirt could all have color accents. They provide hopeless romantics with the image of the ideal princess and an ethereal appearance. This will continue the tradition and keep you up to date with the new fashion traditions in the form of a blue wedding dress.

Blue Lace Wedding Gowns

Famous, beautiful, delicate, and feminine bridal gowns with blue lace are in high demand. Tastes vary, ranging from the extremely romantic Chantilly, sexy, bold, chic type to the formal, soft, and robust. Beautiful flower appliqués and designs in trendy tones of cream, milk, pale pink, blush, etc., are increasing the bar for designers. Mermaid silhouettes, strapless dresses, bohemian accents, extremely classic looks, and more are all lovely alternatives. Simply put, lace clothing is incredibly adaptable. These days’ simplicity is taking charge. If the design is simple but attractive, it will be famous. Complicated designs are not getting so much fame as that simple design get. The same is the case with the blue lace wedding gown; its simplicity makes it the best choice for the wedding.

Light Blue Bridal Dresses

Here comes the dress for the bride who wants everything simple at her wedding. Not every bride desires something extreme, dramatic, costly, or glamorous. The trend among contemporary brides is quickly moving towards something simple, like light blue wedding gowns. They let the bride’s accessories stand out and are both stylish and comfortable. The result will be a bride who exudes simplicity, charm, and tenderness in her entire appearance. She is a confident, powerful woman with subtle beauty. Some women don’t want to wear extra heavy clothing and want to feel relaxed during their wedding day, so they like to wear something light. Light blue bridal dresses solve this problem for them, which are available in a variety of designs and styles.

Royal Blue Bridal Gowns

Bridal gowns in royal blue identify as royalty. They stand for graced elegance, power, and authority. Brides who choose a more traditional, vintage, or Victorian style will look best in color. This hue is an option for ladies who desire a wedding gown that can hide their figures or detract from their physical defects. This color is so attractive that it diverts its attention from any other thing to itself. It has the power to grab people’s attention, and wearing it on a wedding day will be a great choice for you. A beautiful design will be a plus with a royal blue color dress. Every body type is well accentuated by royal blue.

Glitzy Goddess

Do you like watching seasons or dramas? If yes, then you must have seen different weddings on TV shows. Some people also get dress ideas from their favorite TV shows. With this striking blue wedding dress, you may sparkle your way down the aisle. Every background will stand out against light teal tones. If you truly want to make this wedding look special and out of the ordinary, choose a dress with more drama. Once you make your entrance down the aisle in this daring blue bridal look, every one of your guests will be in wonder. This type of style is for those brides who have dramatic taste and want to look like a heroine at their wedding with a blue theme. This will give them a bold and sexy look.

Silver Laced

There is another unique style for wedding dresses which is not all blue, but some extra work is done on the dress in blue. Not for the timid, this gorgeous, sophisticated style. Rich blue tones are the ideal finishing touch for a stunning, vintage-inspired dress. You’ll feel quite sophisticated on your wedding day with this modern blue wedding theme.

Sky Blue Wedding Dresses

There is a huge variety of blue colors, and if you ask me, my favorite, is sky blue. The sky blue color is symbolic of tranquility, safety, and enduring loyalty. Moreover, they are delicate and elegant, representing femininity and grace. Making a bold statement by donning this hue of blue is easy. It conveys a romantic atmosphere and is the ideal attire for a whimsical bride to make a great entry. It also gives the bride a decent and charming look. Make your wedding a lavish event!

Final Thoughts

The blue color is a versatile one, and designers are creating more and more designs on a daily basis in blue color for wedding purposes. We have discussed some popular color themes and designs from which you can choose your or your bride’s wedding dress in a blue tone. People have been wearing white for, so long so it will be good to try something different if it is a blue wedding dress and looks perfect on you.


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