Best Exercise for Dogs


Dogs are friendly animals and like to spend more time with their owner. They like to play games, and they like to walk with them, they like to run, and much more. It is because they don’t like to spend their time alone. If we talk about exercise, like other animals and us, dogs need exercise too to stay healthy mentally and physically. It depends on you how you manage your schedule and give time to your dog. Depending on the schedule, the first question that comes to our mind is how much exercise does a dog need every day?

Well, its answer varies from dog to dog, and it depends on the dog’s age, health, and breed. Depending on these factors, I have created some helpful that can help you decide the required time for your dog to exercise.

How Much Exercise Does a Puppy Need?

Puppies typically need more activity in short bursts, like the zoomies, than older dogs since they have more energy. Due to their rapid growth, it is safer to spread out your puppy’s playtime and walks throughout the day as opposed to taking them for one big stroll at the beginning of the week. In the end, each puppy is unique, and the more time you spend with your dog, the more you’ll discover about the amount of physical activity and mental stimulation they require to keep them happy as well as healthy. The daily time for exercise also depends on the breed of the dog, so you must consult your vet or breeder to know about the approximate daily activity time for your puppy. Don’t forget exercise is a great way to train and socialize your new dog. It will be fun and the dog will get attached to you.

How Much Exercise Does a Adult Need?

The amount of physical activity your dog requires is greatly influenced by their breed. Low-energy breeds like the Bulldog or Basset Hound don’t need as much exercise as high-energy breeds like Border Collies and Belgian Malinois. The well-being of your dog is equally crucial. Consult your veterinarian about a suitable exercise program that will keep your adult dog healthy without giving them any pain if they have a medical condition like hip dysplasia or cardiac or respiratory problems.

How much Exercise Does a Senior Dog Need?

Even while your older dog may not be able to run as long as they previously could, and you may eventually have to limit their run to a walk, your senior dog and your puppy need regular exercise. Discuss exercise options with your vet while keeping an eye on your senior dog’s behavior. You are the best person to determine how much exercise your dog can tolerate because you are the one who knows them best—the owner. All dogs benefit from the mental stimulation and physical activity that exercise offers, which can lengthen their lives and lower their risk of obesity.

How to keep dogs safe while doing Exercise?

It would help if you always take your dog’s lead when it comes to how frequently and hard you exercise. Dogs can overheat and get fatigued much more quickly than we might because of their fur coats and shorter legs. Watch out for the following warning signals that your dog has had enough:

  • A lot of panting
  • Tongue extending far from the mouth
  • Extremely light or bright red gums
  • Having diarrhea or vomiting and falling behind
  • Seemed reluctant to leave the house or continue working out
  • Inflammation the day(s) after your workout

Safety Measures during Seasons


Always take special care, and workouts should be moderate during peak times. In summer, try to avoid the hottest time of the day. Also, don’t choose a shorter and less intense form of exercise. Check the sidewalks by placing your hands for 10 seconds, if it is hot, then it is hot for their paws too.


During winter, avoid snowy areas. Although some dogs like snowy places, you need to take care of them during exercises. Get some booties for them, and if not, remove snow from their paws before returning to your home.

Best Exercises for your Dogs

There are many exercises for your dogs. Here are some of the common and popular ones:

Walk with your Dog

It is the best exercise for those dogs who may find it difficult to perform an intense and high-impact exercise. It allows them to work out at their own pace. It is a classic dog exercise that is suitable for any kind of dog of any fitness type. Give your dog the freedom to choose where he wants to go and numerous opportunities to sniff and investigate potential destinations. Also, allow them to take as much time as they want to explore all the new smells that they come across.

Jog with your Dog

Jogging is the best exercise for active dogs with high exercise needs. When you take them for a run, they should be at least one-year-old. It is not recommended exercise for puppies and overweight dogs. It is a great exercise for physical and mental health. It s good for joints as well as it decreases stress levels. However, the time interval for exercise differs in each dog. Some dogs prefer long runs, maybe half an hour, while others run short and sharp sprints.

Hike with your Dogs

It is best for dogs with plenty of stamina. It helps strengthen your dog’s core, improves its balance, and also builds muscle strength. It brings them closer to nature, which encounters anxiety and stress. When introducing your dog to hiking, take them to easier terrain or shorter hikes where they feel comfortable. Once they get used to it and get ready for the big hikes, you can take them wherever you want.

Swim with your Dog

Not every dog like swimming, this quality is mostly found in senior dogs, but it is a wonderful exercise. It is the whole bodywork that is best for their joints. Don’t just throw them in the deep water in the beginning. Put them in shallow water with a doggy vest and keep them under constant supervision. When you think they feel comfortable in the water, take them to the deep area so that they can enjoy swimming. Keeping swimming sessions around short, 10 to 15 minutes, is good to prevent your dog from getting tired, overheating, and swallowing too much water.

Playing Game

You have often played this fetch game with your dog. In this game, you throw the ball somewhere, show your dog, and he brings it for you. It keeps on going until your dog gets tired. You can also train your dog to catch that ball directly in the air. You can play many other games with your dogs that will keep them active.

Agility Course

It involves an obstacle course that your dog needs to understand under your guidance. Agility also gives your dog a healthy workout, but it is for highly active and intelligent dogs. Consider trying it out if your dog enjoys running, jumping, and learning new tricks.

Final Thoughts

Exercises are vital to everyone, whether they are human or animal. Here are some of the most common dog exercises, but you must consult your vet before trying one. Consultation is necessary because it depends on age, behavior, and, most importantly, your dog’s breed.

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