Nose Jewelry Types


When we talk about nose jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is a nose ring. When it comes to types of nose jewelry, nose stud is the most common and popular of them all. Wearing a nose ring is a great way to add something new to your style and personality. It is a great way to express yourself. In some regions, it is a form of culture and tradition, while in most places in the world; people consider it a fashion to express themselves. It gives them confidence and self-esteem. It is what makes them look different from others.

Various styling options are available these days, so it becomes challenging for a new person to choose which he should get to begin his piercing career. I needed to use the term “piercing” for this article. The topic of discussion might be the types of nose jewelry I mention piercing here. So before knowing the types of nose jewelry, we must understand what piercing is and why it is linked with nose jewelry types.

What is body piercing?

A body piercing sounds exactly like a needle-made piercing or puncture in the body. A piece of jewelry is then placed inside the hole. The belly button, nose, and ears are often pierced body parts. The lip, cheek, and tongue can all be pierced in the mouth and are included in oral piercing.

When the nose gets pierced, it will be known as nose piercing. It is understood you need a hole or place to put your jewelry. That’s why piercing is the key element when we are discussing nose jewelry types. You won’t be able to put your jewelry on if you haven’t got your piercing done or done improperly. Doing thorough research before getting your ear or nose pierced is always a good practice, and always go to a reputable piercer.

Types of Nose Jewelry

Now you have selected the best piercer in your town for you. It’s time to select a type of jewelry for you because you need to tell the piercer what kind of piercing you want to get. For every jewelry type, there is a different kind of piercing, and you have to decide before going to the piercer. It becomes very challenging when you are new to these things because there are several varieties available for you.

You get confused seeing so many options and being unable to choose one. This article is especially for those who are new to nose piercing and nose jewelry. As there are several types of nose jewelry, but I will explain some most popular and commonly used ones to make your decision easier as a beginner. Decide what suits best with you, go to the piercer, and get it done. Enjoy the new look and feel confident.

Nose Stud

It is the simplest type of nose jewelry or nose ring. Nose stud a small piece of jewelry connected to a short, thin piece of metal that passes through the side of the nose and is frequently composed of gold, silver, or stainless steel. It is the best option for a person who is new to piercing. There are many different varieties of nose studs, from subtle and understated to extravagant and baroque. Little diamonds or other gemstones, geometric shapes, and delicate filigree patterns are a few examples of popular designs.

Twist Nose Ring

A captive bead ring is often a form of nose ring that twists. A little ball or bead is held in place by the tension of the ring in this particular nose ring style, which consists of a small hoop or ring. You must twist the ring open or shut it to insert or remove it. This style of nose ring provides a flush fit against the nostril and maintains its position in the nose with ease. For those reasons, it’s the most popular kind of nose ring. There are many different possible styles, so there is something for everyone.

Seamless Nose Ring

Seamless nose rings are nose jewelry that is made to be worn in nostril piercings. They are also known as seamless hoops or continuous rings. Seamless nose rings are created from a single piece of metal twisted into a circular shape without any gap or opening, in contrast to conventional nose rings with a visible seam or closure. Seamless nose rings have the benefit of being simple to put on and take off since there is no clasp or other type of closure to contend with.

They are a wonderful option for active people because they are also less likely to catch on clothing or hair. You can wear them in the septum or nostril piercing. To fit various nose sizes and shapes, seamless nose rings are typically fashioned from materials like gold, silver, stainless steel, or titanium. They also come in many gauges and diameters. Some seamless nose rings come with jewels or other style-enhancing elements.

Captive Bead Ring

A captive bead ring is a style of nose jewelry consisting of a minor, detachable ball or bead inside a circular ring. The bead is usually made of the same material as the ring or a decorative gemstone, while the ring is typically made of metal, such as titanium or stainless steel. As it is used in a nose piercing, the ring is larger than where it will be worn. The ring is then slightly squeezed once the bead has been placed inside to secure it. It is also known as a captive ball ring, captive hoop, closure ring, and captive ball ring. It is available in various sizes and styles; it is up to you to choose which suits you best.

Faux Hoop Nose Rings

A style of nose jewelry known as faux hoop nose rings imitates the look of a traditional hoop nose ring without requiring a piercing. These are sometimes referred to as clip-on nose rings or fake nose rings. They are also available in different sizes and shapes. A little clip or wire that may be bent to fit tightly around the nostril without a piercing is frequently a part of them.  For those who want to try out the style of a hoop nose ring without committing to a permanent piercing, faux hoop nose rings are a popular option.

They are also a wonderful alternative for those who cannot get a nose piercing for personal, cultural, or occupational reasons. With the ease of insertion and comfort of an L-shaped backing, this type of nose ring offers you the appearance of a hoop. The best fake hoop nose ring should be of great quality, fit comfortably, and be the right size. Wearing fake nose rings may irritate or bother some people, so it’s crucial to take them off if you notice any pain.

Half Hoop Nose Ring

A form of nose ring known as a half hoop has a semicircular or curved shape that mimics the curvature of the nostril. When compared to full hoops or other types of nose jewelry, half-hoop nose rings might be a fashionable and functional option for people who want a subtler appearance. Although some people may want to wear them in both nostrils for symmetry, they are typically worn in one nostril. To accommodate diverse tastes and nose shapes, half-hoop nose rings are offered in a variety of sizes and designs. It’s crucial to make a wise choice. It will work on nostrils and septum jewelry and is also easy to put on and off.

Nose Bone Ring

The components of a nose bone are a post with decoration on one side and a little ball with a slightly larger diameter on the other. The tiny ball, also known as a flare, holds it in place when worn. They have a flush fit, much like a twist nose stud. It is preferable to use them on healed piercings but not ideal for a fresh piercing. It might be painful if it is put on a ring. Although not for everyone, nose bones have a devoted following who love the way they look and feel.

Screw Twist Nose Ring

A screw twist nose ring is a form of nose ring that is designed to twist into place, offering a secure and comfortable fit. Unlike conventional nose rings, which can easily come out or shift around in the piercing, screw-twist nose rings have a screw-like construction that maintains them in place. You must twist the jewelry until it feels secure in the piercing before inserting a screw-twist nose ring.

It could take some practice, but if you get the hang of it, the procedure ought to be rather simple. Just twist it back in the other direction to remove the jewelry. Screw twist nose rings are a well-liked option for people looking for a comfortable and secure nose ring because they are available in several designs and sizes. They frequently have decorative components like gems or designs and are made of premium materials like titanium, stainless steel, or gold.

L-shaped Nose Stud

One kind of nose ring that is made to fit snugly in the nostril is L-shaped. The jewelry is described as having an “L” form because of the shaft’s 90-degree bend, which keeps the jewels in place. L-shaped nose rings are a popular option for individuals seeking a covert and comfortable nose ring. To achieve a suitable fit, selecting the correct size is crucial when purchasing an L-shaped nose stud. The jewelry must comfortably and unobtrusively fit within the nostril. The L-section is leaned against the roof of the nose and used for nostril piercings. Since the L-Shape is simpler to enter into the piercing than the screw and more secure than the nose bone, it is also a preferred nose ring backing for people who find it challenging to use the screw twist.

Corkscrew Nose Ring

A particular style of nose jewelry called a corkscrew nose ring is made to be twisted or screwed into the piercing. The nose ring may be kept in place and keeps from falling out thanks to its corkscrew shape. A decorative top and a straight post that is curved into a C-shape at the end define corkscrew nose rings. The curved section should rest against the roof of your nose while you wear it. They are used in nasal piercings by people. The tip of the nose ring can eventually protrude from your nose, which is its main drawback.

This could occur if you just sneeze or are sweating heavily. It can make you feel self-conscious and has a sort of booger-like appearance. In that case, you need to be extra careful and conscious to avoid any kind of mishap. Those who have nose piercings and are looking for a comfortable and fashionable solution frequently choose corkscrew nose rings. Comparatively speaking to other styles of nose jewelry, such as hoop or stud nose rings, it is also rather simple to place and remove.


We have discussed some of the most famous jewelry options for your nose. However, there are plenty of more options that you can search online and can consult with your piercer if you are interested in them. The story continues after understanding these jewelry types because you will only know about the piercing you need after deciding on the jewelry type. Several designs, sizes, and shapes are available in every kind of nose jewelry, which could be another challenging situation for you but not as much as deciding the jewelry type. The design depends on the person’s preference as it varies from person to person. Take your time and, if needed, take your friends’ help to make a decision. Understanding these types of nose jewelry will make the decision easy for you to choose the piercer and a suitable nose ring.


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