How to take out the Nose Ring?


From ancient times, nose rings have been a common kind of body alteration. They are worn by individuals all around the world and are available in a variety of styles, forms, and sizes. Yet occasionally, you might need to remove your nose ring, whether it’s for a treatment, a job interview, or just to change up your appearance. Even if you have never worn one before, removing a nose ring may seem difficult, but with the correct equipment and methods, it is simple and safe to do.

In this article, we’ll go through the step-by-step procedure for removing a nose ring, along with the instruments you’ll need, the right way to do it for various types of nose rings, and advice for avoiding infection and ensuring a quick recovery. This tutorial will provide you with the information and self-assurance you need to securely remove some popular and common types of nose rings and take care of your piercing, whether you have a hinged, stud, or segment ring.

If you wear a nose ring, a time will come when you will feel like taking it out for some reason. It could be because you want to clean it, or you want to change it for a new piece of jewelry, or you want to go on an occasion without a nose ring. This could also be your hard decision of not wearing a nose ring for the rest of your life. So continue reading if you want to learn how to remove your nose ring for cleaning or if you just want to say goodbye to it.

Ways to Take out Different Types of Rings

Whatever the reasons behind removing your nose ring, you must know how to remove it safely. Here we are going to explain some methods on how to take out nose rings to guide you completely through the process:

How to take out a Nose Stud?

Removing a stud is as easy as pulling a ring. Whether you want to take it out for a wedding function or any other occasion to replace it with a shiny one, there could be another reason. Despite this reason, the procedure to remove a nose stud is really simple. A short, straight post will be joined to the stud to form your nose stud. Usually, a little bead hidden inside your nostril prevents it from coming out.

  • Hold the bead firmly in one hand while holding your stud between the fingers of the other.
  • Now, gently separate your two hands.
  • This can be awkward due to the small space in your nostril. Take your time, and if it takes a few tries, don’t be discouraged.

How to take out a Nose Stud with a flat Back?

  • Clean your hand with soap and dry them. Wipe excess oil from around your nostrils with a clean towel.
  • Use two fingers to delicately hold the flat end of the nose stud in between them, then two more fingers to steadily draw out the beautiful gem. Once it begins to come, gently pull the post.
  • If you have trouble following the above steps, consult your piercer.
  • Use tweezers as they provide an easy grip to pull out the stud but don’t use sharp ones. Sharp tweezers can damage your skin.
  • Clean it properly with soap and apply alcohol before putting it on the nose ring to avoid any kind of infection.

How to take out a Hinged Nose Ring?

Some nose rings have a hinge and clasp that keeps them in place while making removal simpler.

  • Take the bottom of the hoop between your fingers if you wear this type of nose ring.
  • Pull up the hinged section slowly with the other hand now.
  • You should be able to slide the ring out of your nose after the clasp is released.
  • After removal, close the hoop back up to prevent any distortion.
  • Align the closing with the clasp, and then secure it in place by clicking.

How to Take a Seamless Nose Ring?

Follow these simple steps to take out seamless nose rings which could be tricky if you don’t follow these steps:

  • Wash your hand with soap and warm water to prevent any exposure to germs and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Hold the nose ring with two hands and twist it gently or use tweezers as they provide a good grip to open the seam. Keep twisting until you see a small gap.
  • Use your fingers to hold one end and keep pulling the other. Don’t do it too fast as you can damage your nose.
  • If your ring is still stuck, applying lotion will make it easier.
  • Clean the area with an antiseptic solution once the ring is out.
  • Make sure you sterilize the new nose ring before putting it on.

How to take out Segment Nose Ring?

  • In most cases, it is simpler to remove a segment ring. This is so that you may remove it because it is made with a portion that pops out of the ring.
  • Hold the other portion of the ring with one hand and the removable piece with the other.
  • Pull the two pieces apart at this point. Don’t twist the ring, and proceed with caution. In this manner, you may protect your jewelry and yourself from harm.
  • Keep a tight hold on it as you pull; the portion should come out straight.
  • Slide the remainder of your ring out of your nose carefully when it has been removed.
  • At the nostril’s inner base where the piercing is, apply some lotion. The nose ring will be easier to remove as a result.

How to take out a Nostril Screw?

It looks like a nose stud. The only difference between a nostril screw and with stud is that it goes inside the nose. It started in India but now gained popularity in the Western world too. The stud has a straight bar, but it has either an I-shaped bar or a hook. However, taking it out is quite similar.

  • Make sure the l-shaped portion is facing outward and away from the inside of your nostril before continuing.
  • Then, carefully pull your nose stud.
  • Point the stud in the direction of the center of your nose once the nose screw is mostly out.
  • Gently pull down once more to release the remaining nose screw.

How to take out Bridal Nath?

It is most common in Asian cultures, especially in India and Pakistan. These types of nose rings are large and heavy. Brides used to wear them at their wedding functions. Some require piercing while some simple clips into place. It is simple to unclip and take it out when it is a clip version. However, in other cases, you can use the above techniques to remove bridal Nath according to its design. If there is a chain with it and it is heavy, ask someone to hold it and then remove it.

What to do when your Nose is infected?

Your piercing might occasionally get infected. Moreover, the nose ring may end up stuck in the affected area in extreme circumstances. Don’t attempt to take out your nose ring on your own if that has happened. You may end up doing more harm than good. Doing something on your own will make things only worse. Instead, explain what has happened to your doctor when you visit. They can make arrangements to get your piercing taken out without further harm or spreading the illness if needed. They can also prescribe you antibiotics to stop infection.

How to get rid of Nose Ring permanently?

There could b several reasons why you want to do so. How quickly your body recovers and how long you’ve had the piercing will determine this. A nose ring or stud removal procedure that is temporary and permanent is substantially the same. The only difference is that when the wound heals, you’ll need to keep it clean to prevent infection.

What to do when everything fails?

You have tried everything, you have tried every method, and you have done everything in your power to remove your nose ring, but you weren’t able to do that. Your last option will be to visit a reputable piercing. He will not only take out your nose ring but also teach you how to do it in the future. A piercer knows how to take out nose piercing because he is a professional.


We have discussed some methods to taking out a nose piercing. We hope this step-by-step guide will help you do the removal of nose rings effectively without any risk of injury. You need to make sure that aftercare is also very necessary to avoid any kind of infection. If you fail to remove your nose ring using the above techniques, you can visit your piercer, who can do this job for you. Moreover, he will also teach you to do this job in the future.


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