How to Resize a Ring?


Whether it’s your wedding or an engagement, a ring plays a vital role in it. Sometimes you choose it for yourself while in some cases, it is chosen by your loved ones. The chances of miscalculations are very less in the size of the ring when you are going to the jeweler to buy the ring. However, if someone else is buying you a present then there are lots of chances of a new gorgeous ring may be a little off in size. Although jewelers do their best to figure out your ring size, there are still chances of human error. Don’t worry: Ring resizing is quite common. It’s time to return to the jeweler to get the ring resized if it doesn’t fit. In this article, we will discuss different methods to resize a ring.

This process is fairly simple for those who know it, have experience in it, and have done it before. An inexperienced person will make things worse. We have done some research by conducting surveys and interviews with different experts, and they said, “Inexperienced persons only make complications. Experts keep things simple”. Moreover, the resizing of a ring takes only a few weeks. It means you will not have to wait so long to have your ring on your finger.

How a Ring Should Fit?

There are two possibilities, either it’s too loose, or it’s too tight. It should not be too tight to get it off your finger; if it is, then make it a little larger. It also should not be too loose that it slips off with no resistance from your finger; in this case, you must make the ring smaller. The perfect size is that it should fit snugly and comfortably. It should be simple to slip on, but a little pulling is needed to take it off.

Jewelers can often insert a sizing assistant to hold the stone in place if your ring is too big or you notice the stone shifting from one side of your finger. As sizing assistance, a bar or two tiny beads are inserted within the ring. Sizing assistants will reduce the band by around a quarter of a size, but they’re more frequently utilized to solve concerns like swinging a top-heavy and huge diamond ring. The ring will be secured to your finger by the beads, keeping the diamond in place. The ring can be increased or decreased up to two sizes; if it exceeds this limit, it will put too much pressure on the ring. Sometimes there is an urgency when there is no possibility of resizing your ring in the required time. In these cases, jewelers use a ring guard to make your ring more comfortable. It is placed at the bottom of the ring and can only be used for a short duration of time. Using it for a longer period will damage the band.

How to Resize a Ring?

Methods for Increasing Size


This method is old but a very effective one. In this method, the metal is heated at a certain temperature by a jeweler to soften it. The temperature depends on the type of metal gold will have different required temperatures, and silver will have different. Once it gets softened, they expertly expand the circumference. The best advantage of this method is that it can enlarge the ring by half the ring size without damaging it.

Cut and Spread

This is another great method of increasing the size of a ring. The jewelers are experts in this; they skillfully cut the ring from the bottom and add the same metal that is used previously in the ring in the open path. After that, they do soldering and polishing so that so sign of the cutting and resizing procedure remains there.

Methods for Decreasing Size

Sizing Beads

This method is also discussed in the above paragraphs, where we were talking about sizing assistants. The inner side of the ring has a pair of beads attached by your jeweler. The space between the ring and the finger is filled with beads. Large knuckles should consider this alternative. So when your ring is loose, this can be the most effective way to solve your problem. Even though you must ask your jeweler first because he will guide you better.

Spring Insert

With this technique, the inner surface of the ring is covered with a metal strip that has been tensioned into a horseshoe form. It gently snaps shut on the inserted finger, securely holding the ring in place. This method will not let your ring slips off your finger.

Sizing Bar

The jeweler fastens a hasp to one side of the bottom of the ring and a hinged U-shaped device to the other. The wearer opens the bar, places a finger inside the ring, and then closes the hasp to secure the bar. Once the bar is placed inside the ring, there is nothing to worry about losing the ring. This method is the same as sizing beads. We just insert a bar here instead of beads.

Cut and shrink

The bottom of the ring is cut away by your jeweler, leaving a little opening. He softens the ring and joins the ends with heat. There are no longer any visible traces of this permanent process after soldering and polishing. Everything is the same as like cut and spread method, and we are just shrinking the size here because the ring is loose.

Cost of Resizing a Ring

There are various factors involved in calculating the exact cost of resizing a ring. The cost can be low as $20 for simple resizing up to hundreds of dollars for lengthy and difficult processes. The price varies according to the following factors:

  • Expertise of jewelers
  • Location of Jewelry Shop
  • Type of Jewelry used in a ring
  • How complicated is the process?
  • How Time-consuming is the process?

What kind of Rings can be resized?

A jeweler can only resize rings made of metals they can work with, such as silver, gold, or platinum. However, your sparkler cannot be resized if it is set in a full eternity band. There is no bare metal to work with because the stones are positioned around the band. Resizing might not be possible, depending on the design. So these are the things you need to take care of before placing an order for the ring.

What kind of Rings can’t be resized?

Metals that cannot be resized include:

  • Tungsten is excessively hard, thus it cannot be resized.
  • Due to how challenging it is to resize titanium, some jewelers will not attempt it.
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Rose Gold rings
  • Wooden rings
  • Eternity rings
  • Ornate rings

Final Views

We have different methods to resize a ring, whether to increase its size or decrease size. Sometimes it is not possible to get your ring resized if it is made of the above-mentioned metals. Wearing another tighter ring can help a ring that is too loose to stay in place if your ring cannot be resized. If your favourite ring can’t be resized, but you still adore it, there is one more option. You can ask a jeweler to resize the band for you, in which case you’ll get your ideal ring and the ideal fit!

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