Hessonite Rings

Introduction to Hessonite Rings

Hessonite rings, sometimes referred to as Gomed rings, are among the most sought-after types of Hessonite jewelry, renowned and adored for their many metaphysical and astrological benefits, as well as the traditional deep cinnamon and dark brown hues. Hessonite is among the most sought-after semi-precious stones, and its proportion in the jewelry industry has increased enormously in the last few years.

Gomedhikam Rings are believed to be highly beneficial to people who suffer from the destructive adverse effects of the planet “Rahu’. They can also be worn to bring success and glamour into your life. Additionally, embracing the Gomed ring is commonplace among fashionistas because it adds an irresistible attraction and elegance to your overall look. In contrast to other precious stones, having a stunning Gomed ring will not cost much and is an excellent match for most of your Western and traditional clothes. Let’s talk in-depth about the history behind Hessonite, the advantages of wearing the Gomedhikam ring, the Gomed ring cost, clearing and care techniques, and gomed ring designs.

Properties of Hessonite Rings(Gomed)

Hessonite, also known as Gomed, is one of the primary garnets of a silicate group of minerals. It shares significantly with other group members like Andradite and Uvarovite regarding chemical composition and physical properties.

Hessonite generally displays deep brown hues as well as a cinnamon color. Still, it doesn’t include the pleochroism phenomena—Hessonite gemstones in varying degrees of clarity range from translucent to semi-opaque. Furthermore, the higher-than-average hardness of Hessonite, according to the Mohs scale (6.5-5), is among the main reasons it is extensively used for abrasive use.

When we think about the history behind Hessonite, there needs to be a precise date cited in the historical texts. Gomed stone was used in the Bronze Age as abrasives and gemstones. But, Romans were the first to adopt Hessonite as a stone and wear it as a pendant or gold chain. The Persians believed in Hessonite as a Talismanic stone that could withstand the power of storms and lightning. According to the current situation, the central countries contributing to Hessonite production include Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, and Brazil.

Hessonite Rings DesignsHessonite Rings Designs

Individuals use gomed rings to serve various reasons. Many Astrologers suggest adopting the Gomedhikam stone for those who suffer from the impact of the North lunar pole. In addition to providing excellent benefits to wearers, a different aspect of the Hessonite stone came to the forefront in the past few years. Fashionistas and jewelers worldwide consider Hessonite an ideal choice to go with the many forms of jewelry, boosting the fashion factor and enhancing the overall look.

Many online stores like Amazon offer the most extensive and most captivating collection of stones from Hessonite, along with gomed ring designs that could bring any gemstone or jewel fan to go nuts over the rings and wish to have the entire collection. There are Gomedhikam stone rings in the most appealing shades, carat weights, and designs that are timeless and serve particular needs. To ensure that no one feels excluded, they’ve also included stunning gemstone ring models for men and captivating Hessonite jewelry for ladies that will match their style and add a touch of class to their appearances.

Hessonite Rings Benefits"</h2

When we look at Astrology is a part of it, few stones provide advantages as numerous as the Hessonite stone ring. Wearing the idea of a Gomed stone ring gives the wearer many emotional, physical, metaphysical, and spiritual gifts. It improves their lives positively. Let’s look at the numerous benefits of wearing the Gomed ring.


  • In the past, many doctors would recommend Hessonite rings to patients with complicated illnesses such as inflammation of the skin and lungs, eye infections, and mental disorders due to its mysterious healing properties.
  • People suffering a lot through life due to the inability to maintain a steady willpower and laser-like focus need to embrace the Gomed stone ring to boost the virtues mentioned above with leaps and bounds and lead a dazzling life. Hessonite gemstone is highly beneficial to those who serve the country—an official title since it enhances the social status and respect of the community.
  • You can quickly earn an enormous name and acclaim in your area by wearing the perfect Gomed ring. Anyone involved in the public relations industry, political and social work can wear this gem ring to get the most advantages from it.
  • The pressure to create a name for yourself, maintain a healthy bank balance, and attain the recognition you desire within society has left people with only anxiety and emotional trauma. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or any other tension, it is time to adopt this Gomedhikam ring to rid yourself of these threatening issues.
  • Nobody can hurt someone more than a wholly depressing and hopeless mental state. Suppose you cannot eliminate your negative thoughts and constant feelings of despair. In that case, nothing is more effective than wearing a Hessonite stones ring to safeguard your positive outlook and let only positive reviews come into your life.
  • Hessonite stone is often referred to by the term ‘Rahu Stone.’ Suppose you’re severely affected by the negative consequences of Mars, the planet Mars. It is the best solution. In that case, better yet, protection from the harmful influence of the planet Rahu is to wear a Gomed ring with the help of a reputable Astrologer.
  • Couples facing unwelcome or regular problems during their marriage or struggling to find the perfect partner can reap the advantages of this Gomed Ratna ring to create harmony in their relationship and to find the ideal partner.

Gomed Ring Price

The price of a Hessonite gemstone ring dramatically depends on the main elements like origin, treatment color clarity, cut, and carat weight. Hessonite from Ceylon and Indian origin is considered superior quality over Hessonite stones from Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Anyone will likely choose the Hessonite stone of Ceylon origin for the most significant advantages.

The increased clarity of carats and their weight boosts your Hessonite ring cost in a significant way. The Gomedhikam ring with a deep brown color is more sought-after and popular over Hessonite with pale and reddish shades. Prices vary as the level of complexity of Hessonite ring designs and the material used to encase the stone. Silver is thought to be the ideal material to wear the appearance of a Hessonite ring, and also, some are Gomed to look gorgeous in gold to give a magnificent appearance.

Cleaning and Caring TipsCleaning and Caring Tips

  • Always clean the Gomed ring by wiping it soft and cleaning cotton clothes to scrub off the dust.
  • Make sure to use only pure or lukewarm water to cleanse the ring, and avoid using any detergent or solution to clean the ring.
  • Do not apply thinner or lotion to cleanse the Hessonite ring because it could eat off the shine of the stones.
  • Do not wear a Gomedhkiam ring during daily chores, such as gardening, cleaning, or playing sports.
  • Do not put your ring in high-temperature areas.
  • While Hessonite stone is resistant to scratches due to its high hardness, keeping it in a different box is still best to prevent physical harm.


It is the job of sellers that should be committed to educating their customers before they are enticed to purchase from them. Every buyer must comprehend the essential factors that affect various factors that determine the Hessonite ring’s cost, the origin’s importance, and how price changes as the complexity of gomed stones ring the complexity of the design.

Additionally, buyers should look into different lab certificates to ensure their purchase is genuine and worth every cent. Your stunning collection of Hessonite rings is not just able to meet all your astrological needs but will also cover all fashion aspects.


In conclusion, Hessonite rings, commonly called Gomed rings, hold a special place in the world of gemstone jewelry. Their deep cinnamon, dark brown hues, and fascinating metaphysical and astrological benefits made them highly sought after in recent years. Hessonite, a member of the garnet family, possesses unique properties and a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations.

The allure of Hessonite rings extends beyond their astrological significance. These gemstone rings have found a place in fashion, adding elegance and charm to any attire. With a wide range of designs and styles available, Hessonite rings cater to both men and women, making them a versatile choice for jewelry enthusiasts.

The benefits of wearing Hessonite rings are multifaceted, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. These rings are believed to enhance health, boost willpower, and improve social status, making them a valuable addition to one’s life.

While the price of Hessonite rings varies depending on factors like origin, clarity, and carat weight, they remain affordable for those seeking their unique benefits. Proper care and cleaning are essential to maintain the beauty and durability of these rings, ensuring they continue to shine brightly over time.

In summary, Hessonite rings offer a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and metaphysical advantages, making them a captivating choice for anyone looking to enhance their life and style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.Who can wear Hessonite?

ANS:Astrologers firmly advise never wearing a Hessonite ring unless you suffer from the adverse effects of this planet Rahu or face issues in marriage or the workplace. Young children should not be wearing the Gomed ring.

Q.What are the advantages of using the Hessonite ring?

ANS:One of the main advantages of Hessonite rings include enhancement in concentration, willpower level reduction from eye- and skin-related ailments, and achievement in the field.

Q.What is a Hessonite ring?

ANS:A Gomed ring, also known as a Gomedhika ring, is among the most popular Hessonite jewelry renowned for its numerous metaphysical and healing benefits.

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