Birthstone Earrings

They shine from every angle and offer an endless glow. And they were all recorded in stars. They are among nature’s most gorgeous gemstones, each associated with a particular month and its distinct qualities, benefits, and attractions infused with mythology and legends. It’s all about Birthstones and, more specifically, Birthstone Earrings and the myriad meanings, symbolisms, and properties associated with each gemstone.

From the stunning July birthstone to the deep and rich January birthstone, All birthstones are attractive presents because they’re personal and symbolic. They also have an essential meaning for the person wearing them. There are 12 birthstones and one particular gem that corresponds to every month. But, certain months can include up to three birthstones, one of which is traditional and two modern options.

Birthstones can be found in all kinds of jewelry, including pendants, necklaces and necklaces and birthstone rings to bracelets as well as different types of earrings and earring styles, with the latter being the most sought-after birthstone type of jewelry. Learn more about the best tips for shopping to find jewelry with birthstone earrings as a quick but thorough look at each semi-precious or precious stone, its characteristics, as if significance, color range, and price.

The Origin of BirthstonesThe Origin of Birthstones-min

Birthstones are mentioned in the Bible, and, more specifically, they are mentioned in the Book of Exodus, where Aaron was wearing a breastplate adorned with 12 powerful stones, each representing one of the twelve tribes in Israel. About half a millennium later, the historian Joseph decided that the twelve stones within the Book of Exodus represented the twelve months of the year and, in turn, the Z or disc symbols. In the process, the trend of wearing necklaces, belts, and bracelets decorated with these stones, which Christians mostly wore. In the 9th century, numerous gem enthusiasts had collected all 12 gems but only wore one at a time according to the month they were associated with. It was only in the sixteenth century in Germany that jewelry enthusiasts began wearing birthstones following the month of their birth.

East Meets West

Later, Eastern traditions made their way through the Western world, and our birthstone culture is a fusion of both. Eastern religions assign a range of birthstones; more specifically, the stones are believed to represent celestial bodies. When calculating your wearer’s birth charts, gemstones are suggested to wear to benefit their powers and protect from potential problems. These are all calculated based on the exact location of the celestial forces in play at birth. Wearing birthstones can assist in releasing blockages on a variety of levels: mental, physical, and spiritual.

In Modern Times

1912 In 1912, The National Association of Jewelers decided on the final list of American birthstones. It included the standard options for each month of the calendar. The list was revised after 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America, which was the organization that was responsible for introducing additional gemstones for 4 months. The latest additions include Citrine to November, pink gemstones of Tourmaline until October, and Zircon through December. Tanzanite and spinel are new additions, too, being added to the list in the 21st century.

The 12 Traditional Birthstone EarringsThe 12 Traditional Birthstone Earrings-min

Following are the traditional birthstone earrings for every month:

January: Garnet EarringsJanuary Garnet Earrings-min

Embrace the vibrant energy of January with stunning Garnet Earrings. Garnet’s rich red hue captivates, symbolizing power, creativity, and positivity. Also found in shades of orange, green, black, pink, and hazel brown, each with unique significance. Prices range from $500 to $7,000 per carat, reflecting its timeless allure. Garnet stands alone as January’s traditional and modern birthstone, making these earrings a meaningful adornment.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for January

Garnet is available in various intriguing shades, each with a distinct style. Unusual colors will be cheaper than the traditional and highly sought-after red. Garnets sparkle nicely and reflect light. If the jewelry item you are considering does not have an impressive shine, it will likely be less valuable. Various more prominent January birthstone gems, such as Demantoid and Tsavorite, cost substantially more. For a cheaper option, go with the Almandine variant of Garnet.

February: Amethyst EarringsFebruary Amethyst Earrings-min

Experience tranquility with Amethyst Earrings, embodying peace, healing, and cleansing vibes for February. Its iconic purple hue ranges from pastel to deep tones, including pink, violet, and indigo. Valued between $2 and $10 per carat or more, the intensity of color dictates its worth. As February’s sole traditional and modern birthstone, Amethyst Earrings beautifully capture the month’s essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for February

To save money, go for light purple earrings. The earrings with darker hues (both reddish and purple) are costlier. There are visible inclusions within the Amethyst birthstone earrings that decrease the value of your jewelry significantly, and so does its light color. There is no standard quality grading scale in place for Amethyst, even though certain items are labeled as A AAA, AA, or A high quality. Amethyst earrings are robust, considering that the February birthstone has a high hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (where Diamond is a perfect 10). There are numerous kinds of earrings with Amethysts available on the market, from studs and studs to more artistic bohemian-inspired designs due to the variety and price that come with Amethyst because of its versatility and affordability.

March: Aquamarine EarringsMarch Aquamarine Earrings-min

Embrace serenity with Aquamarine Earrings, reflecting clarity and rebirth in March. From sea foam to deep blue-green, its colors evoke tranquility. Aquamarine’s elegance comes at a price valued between $700 and $1,500 per carat. Though Bloodstone is an alternative, Aquamarine stands alone as March’s birthstone, encapsulating its essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for March

Aquamarine, as well as Emerald, have a few similarities since they both are variations of Beryl. But, unlike the Gemini stones, Aquamarine (March birthstone) is not a stone with inclusions—the milky types, while highly sought-after, are of lesser value. Various birthstone earrings claim to contain genuine Aquamarine in its most vivid forms. Still, the prices will be pretty high for such items, mainly if the gemstones are massive. Cut gems show darker shades and darker shades, particularly when they go beyond 5 carats.

April: Diamond EarringsApril Diamond Earrings-min

Exude strength and love with Diamond Earrings, embodying invincibility and health for April. From colorless to a spectrum of hues, each shade holds significance. Diamonds’ brilliance knows no bounds, valued between $2,500 and $18,000 per carat. While White Topaz and Quartz offer alternatives, Diamonds remain April’s unparalleled birthstone, symbolizing its essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for April

Learn the four Cs that determine the quality of a Diamond, such as clarity, color, cut, and carat. For color, less color indicates more quality when it comes to Diamonds. The clarity is a reference to imperfections and inclusions that the diamond displays. Cut refers to the craftsmanship which increases the diamond’s brilliance. Carat is the term used to describe the diamond’s weight that directly correlates to the value. Diamond earrings must come with the grading report. And for a secure purchase, consider an appraisal and insurance.

May: Emerald EarringsMay Emerald Earrings-min

Celebrate fidelity and wisdom with Emerald Earrings, embodying growth and true love in May. Its hues span from yellow-green to blue-green, signifying its value. From modest to extravagant, Emeralds range from under $1 to $100,000 per carat. While Agate offers an alternative, Emerald remains May’s quintessential and timeless birthstone, symbolizing its essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for May

Naturally, emerald and May birthstone earrings are adorned with inclusions. Massive gems that appear perfect at a reasonable price are not worth it. The Gemini birthstone is best processed with heat, so you should research the kind and type of process (if there is any) before purchasing. Color is the most critical factor that determines the worth of an Emerald. The most expensive emeralds have a uniform shade throughout the gemstone.

June: Pearl EarringsJune Pearl Earrings-min

Adorn yourself with Pearl Earrings, embodying innocence and protection for June and spanning hues from white to dark; pearls radiate beauty. Valued from $300 to $1500 per pearl or beyond, factors like origin and luster influence prices. While Alexandrite and Moonstone offer alternatives, Pearls symbolize sincerity and grace, representing June’s essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for June

The value of pearls and, in turn, earrings that are June’s birthstones and necklaces for June’s birthstones are based on a variety of aspects of grading: luster, the quality of their surface, dimensions, shape color, shape, and the nacre thickness. The general rule is that Freshwater Pearls can be less expensive than saltwater gems such as Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls, and Tahitian Pearls. Hanadama Pearls are known for their stunning surface. Birthstones for June earrings are available in various colors, such as off-white and white, as well as pink, peach gold, or darker tones (black pearls) with various. Remember when you are shopping for earrings to commemorate the June birthstone, round pearls are better than round Baroque Pearls.

July: Ruby EarringsJuly Ruby Earrings-min

Ignite your passion with Ruby Earrings, embodying success and energy for July—vibrant reds radiate wealth from deep to purplish shades. From lavish to extraordinary, Rubies command up to $1,000,000 per carat. While Onyx and Turquoise offer alternatives, Rubies stand alone as the coveted birthstone, symbolizing July’s dynamic essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for July

Most birthstone jewelry with Rubies is less than 1 carat, as anything more is costly. The source of Rubies is not crucial in determining their worth since even the finest mines may create gems of low quality. Most of the Rubies and jewelry that are July’s birthstones are treated by a specialist, so research these treatments before purchasing. You can expect some inclusions in earrings. Ruby Birthstone jewelry since gems that do not have inclusions are rare.

August: Peridot EarringsAugust Peridot Earrings-min

Embrace renewal with Peridot Earrings, embodying harmony and compassion for August. Its green hues, tinged with yellow and brown, exude peace. Exceptional quality demands higher costs of $50-$80 per carat. While Spinel offers an alternative, Peridot remains the cherished birthstone, symbolizing August’s rejuvenating essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for August

Birthstone earrings with Peridot, which has brown and yellowish undertones, are less valuable than green, clear gems. Smaller gems are reasonably priced; however, even August birthstone designs with rocks more outstanding than 50 carats can be found. If you’ve gemstones, olive-green hues of olive-green are less saturated green gems are saturated. A standard quality scale for grading is available for Peridot, even though certain items are marked as AAA, AA, or high quality.

September: Sapphire EarringsSeptember Sapphire Earrings-min

Discover wisdom with Sapphire Earrings, embodying truth and virtue for September. From blue to rare orange-pink hues, Sapphire’s radiate holiness. Their worth varies between $25 to over $11,000 per carat. As September’s sole traditional and modern birthstone, Sapphires remain unparalleled, symbolizing the month’s essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for September

The vibrant color of Sapphire gemstones directly impacts the worth of these earrings. If you want to purchase less expensive jewelry that is September’s birthstone, go for stones that are deep or dark green-blue shades. Although certain Sapphires can appear highly bright, most gems are treated using lattice diffusion. Select birthstone earrings that feature Sapphires that haven’t been treated or are treated with heat alone. Some kinds of sapphires exhibit an asterism, which is the formation of stars with many rays reflected off their surface (Star Sapphire).

October: Opal EarringsOctober Opal Earrings-min

Elevate your confidence with Opal Earrings, embodying luck and faithfulness for October. Radiating a rainbow of hues, Opals captivate with their black Opal stands as a treasure, valued from $10 to $6,000 prize. While Tourmaline offers an alternative, Opals shine as the quintessential birthstone, symbolizing royalty and vibrancy in October.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for October

It is essential to ensure that you don’t put them in the sun. Opal Birthstone earrings outside in hot or dry conditions for too long as the Opal birthstone has significant water content. Earrings with Opal are available in a variety of patterns, with some being subtler, and others more striking. The cheapest option is light and white Opal, and those that display a mix of shades are the most desired. The majority of earrings that feature Opal are adorned with cabochon gems.

November: Topaz EarringsNovember Topaz Earrings-min

Embrace wisdom with Topaz Earrings, symbolizing trust and harmony for November. From colorless to vibrant hues, Topaz signifies communication. Valued between $1000 and $3500 per carat, its rarity and quality influence prices. While Citrine offers an alternative, Topaz remains the distinctive birthstone, embodying self-trust and wisdom in November.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for November

If you are looking for a low-cost birthstone earring alternative, choose blue or colorless Topaz and Blue Topaz, which are plentiful. Select the November birthstones with uncommon colors like red, orange, and pink to make a better investment. Although Topaz has a hardness of 8.8, it’s not a very hard stone, and therefore, jewelry with high friction, such as rings, isn’t advised. Many Topaz gems are treated, meaning extended exposure to natural sunlight and heat may alter the gem’s color.

December: Tanzanite EarringsDecember Tanzanite Earrings-min

Elevate your intuition with Tanzanite Earrings, symbolizing positive energy and purity for December. Its captivating blue-violet hues radiate intellect. Valued from $600 to $1,500 per carat, Tanzanite’s allure comes at a price. While alternatives like Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, and Blue Zircon exist, Tanzanite remains the unique birthstone, embodying December’s distinctive essence.

Things to Check for When Buying Birthstone Earrings for December

The birthstone for December Tanzanite weighs between 6 to 7.7 on the Mohs scale, which is moderately challenging. Tanzanite gemstones should be more significant to attain the deep blue hue. For earrings, gems of lighter color that are smaller are usually utilized. If you shop for birthstone earrings, ensure the Tanzanite stone can reflect light from all angles. Only well-cut gems are able to do this. Find a trustworthy jeweler who is familiar with working with this stone. Tanzanite is a rare gemstone; not all jewelers possess the necessary gemological expertise.

Why Choose Birthstone Earrings?

Birthstone jewelry is gaining popularity and has many testimonials claiming to see changes in energy level, mental outlook, and positive attitude after extended wear. Here are some reasons to think about buying birthstone earrings, whether as a gift or for yourself:

  • Birthstones are believed to bring the wearer good fortune, health, and protection from the beginning.
  • Birthstone earrings are great presents since they are incredibly personal jewelry pieces with a powerful message and a purpose for the person wearing them.
  • Birthstones can be a fantastic method to create a unique appearance that is entirely individual and distinctive in the individual wearing.
  • Since the earliest times, there has been a belief that birthstones have a solid connection to the wearer. They also help bring the right frequency to the person wearing the piece.
  • In contrast to other pieces of jewelry, which are set in areas that are more vulnerable to scratching (such as rings), Earrings with precious stones are a lot sturdier.
  • Birthstone earrings are an iconic fashion statement. They are the perfect blend of classic, individual, and personal.
  • Birthstones are semi-precious and precious gemstones, meaning they’re all adorable and have a timeless appeal.
  • Birthstone earrings maintain significance and value as time passes, making them excellent family heirloom pieces.

Shopping Tips on Buying Birthstone Earrings

  • Choose trustworthy jewelers when you purchase precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry items.
  • Choose birthstone earrings that have precious materials. Precious and semi-precious gemstones must always be set with precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. 18K to 22K gold and silver are excellent options since they are hypoallergenic.
  • Select the metal you prefer carefully and keep the possibility of variety in your thoughts. Consider other jewelry pieces you enjoy and wear regularly, and select a similar expensive metal.
  • You should purchase gemstone earrings from jewelers specializing in the gemstones you seek. Find trustworthy pearl merchants when looking for the June birthstone earrings. Shop around for stores that provide you with all the information you need prior to purchasing.
  • For rare gemstones that are not widely known (such example, Tanzanite), Make sure you go with a specialist retailer who can demonstrate a wealth of knowledge in gemology. So, do your homework before making a purchase.
  • If something seems too unique to be accurate, it is. The most prominent gemstones with vibrant hues aren’t available for affordable prices; therefore, be aware that many fake alternatives are available.
  • Birthstone earrings made of gems, precious stones, and metals must always be secured with a secure closure. The most secure closures are screw backs and push-back posts, latch backs, lever backs Hoop closures made of wire. Fish hooks that do not have backing (such as sponsorships made of rubber) are not recommended for earrings with a high value.

Final Thoughts

Birthstone earrings are truly exceptional items of jewelry. Individual, unique, and timeless, set in platinum, gold, or silver, they’re accessories that will never lose or fade their attraction. Every birthstone has a fantastic story, magic, and interest, from the shimmering Emeralds to the flawless Diamonds and sparkling Pearls. Which will be yours? Now you know. Get it now!

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