Belly Button Piercing Care That’s Been Ripped Out

When summer is around the corner, everyone wants to get a fun little something to flaunt around and get the perfect pictures. While having a tattoo is very popular, many people also want to get their belly button piercing. Getting a belly piercing isn’t uncomfortable, but you must take care of it because it has a higher risk of becoming damaged.

The type of jewelry you wear in your belly piercing also has an impact. It can increase or decrease the chances of getting ripped.

As with any piercing, aftercare is necessary to ensure that your piercing heals correctly. Accidents happen, and because of its placement on the body, getting a belly button piercing ripped out is a typical problem. It’s very easy for your trousers, shirt, or even a child to get caught in your piercing and take it out by accident.

In this post, you’ll discover how to care for a ripped-out belly button piercing.

How Long Does It Take a Ripped Belly Button Piercing to Heal?

If you wish to get a belly button piercing, keep in mind that it just takes a few minutes to do so, but the healing process can take up to a year.

Take a Ripped Belly Button Piercing to Heal

The recovery time for a belly button piercing is between six and twelve months. The speed with which your piercing heals is dependent on how well it is cared to. Aftercare that is appropriate will result in rapid and successful healing.

Because your piercing may be ripped out for various purposes, healing times will differ from person to person. If you run into something or pull on it with your shirt, the piercing will most likely tear completely out. You will be in a lot of pain and bleeding in this condition.

Realizing that your body may not accept jewelry and begins to treat it as a foreign particle is a simple approach to understanding the rejection process. When this happens, the piercing will move as the tissue heals. The piercing will fall out as a result. The time it takes to complete this process can range from a few days to a few weeks.

How Easy is It to Rip Out a Belly Button Ring?

Your belly button piercing can be ripped out in various methods and for various reasons. While the actual peeling out can happen, additional elements are sometimes at play.

It’s also possible that you’ll rip out the piercing after your skin heals. The chance of ripping out your belly button piercing is shaped by a variety of conditions, including infection, piercing style, rejection, and ring material selection.


The jewelry will most likely move a little or totally away from the place after you pierce your belly button. When your body tries to heal itself, this is what happens. This is referred to as migration, and it shows that your body is rejecting the metal.

If your body doesn’t like your belly piercing, it can reject it. Your body will first try to accept it, and the piercing may even move a little as your body is trying to heal itself.

The migration may continue, and your body will push the belly piercing fully out.

A well-known piercer did the piercing. Mine is still going strong and in good condition as proof. The truth is that your body can reject the piercing.

Other reasons include:

  • Cheap jewelry
  • Length of dumbbell
  • Unprofessional piercing technique

Bacterial Infection:

Bacterial infection can also induce pull by affecting the tissues surrounding the piercing. You could get a bacterial infection just after the piercing, but the bacteria could also into your body and infect you if you don’t take care of yourself after.

Redness and swelling of the scar and pus discharge are common indicators of a bacterial reaction. You may get flu-like symptoms if you do not treat the infection quickly.

Changing Your Clothes:

It’s a common reason for any piercing to be removed. However, the piercing of the belly button is put in danger by both the top and bottom clothing.

It’s very simple for your t-shirt to get caught on the piercing when you’re changing clothes, and you could end up tearing it out by accident.

From the bottom up, when wearing jeans, especially with a newly pierced belly, you must be careful since your tummy will be pulled forward when you sit.

It’s possible that the piercing will become caught in the button of whatever you’re wearing. Many other objects could become entangled in the piercing and rip it out, much like a bracelet.

Incorrect Piercing:

If the piercing was done badly, the piercing could rip off. A common mistake is not going deep enough with the piercing or using insufficient material.

Can You Re-pierce Your Belly Button If It Was Ripped Out?

The decision to re-pierce will ultimately be based on how the hole looks following your accident. In all likelihood, you’ll need to consult with a professional piercer to determine whether or not a re-piercing is doable. You will likely end up with a little scar around your navel if the ring you are wearing pulls out. If this is the case, you are not recommended to receive a piercing in the exact location as the scaring.

Your scar will repair itself as your body rejects the piercing. This shows that the scarred tissues in your body are growing as strong as healthy tissues. When you remove the barbell at that time, there’s a good chance the piercer will be able to rectify the problem and pierce the same location again.

Safety Measures You Can Take:

It is important to follow aftercare instructions after getting a piercing. Here are a few things to remember as you go through the recovery process:

Avoid Traveling to the Beaches

It is important to follow aftercare instructions after getting a piercing. Here are a few things to remember as you go through the recovery process:

You should avoid going into the water, such as pools, lakes, hot tubs, or the beach, until your piercing has healed fully. Staying in the water while your body is mending itself can allow bacteria to infiltrate through the fresh scar. Particles may enter the body through the mouth, particularly if you’re on a sandy beach.

Choose the Right Size Jewelry

All types of piercings are likely to rejection and migration. It is, however, more common in naval piercing. There are a variety of reasons why your body may reject the piercing, but the improper ring material can be one of them.

The most popular and safest are gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel, and rhodium, which cause no pain or infection.

Avoid fake jewelry, silver plated jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, base metal materials, and materials that cause a response when exposed to body fluid. Such materials have the potential to cause significant illness, scarring, and allergies.

Take Salt or Saline Soak Bath

A saline solution can be made by dissolving a tablespoon of table salt or 14 tablespoons of sea salt in eight ounces of warm water. Keeping your body clean is crucial during the healing process. You may take things for granted, but following your piercing, you must be extra vigilant. As a result, after your piercing, take showers rather than baths, wash your bed linens frequently, and scrub your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water before touching your piercing.

Be Careful About Clothing

It’s a common excuse for any piercing to be removed. However, the piercing of the belly button is put on the line by both the top and bottom clothing. Clothing can also be difficult. When changing clothes, try to keep your piercing in mind.


Why is skin coming out of my belly button piercing?

A scar is a raised mark that forms on the skin’s surface at the ends of your piercing. They form when your skin is harmed, such as when your belly button is punctured.

They can appear right after you get pierced. It can grow for years, causing pain and irritation in the process.

Can a belly piercing get rejected after two years?

If your body doesn’t adjust well enough to the new object soon after obtaining a navel piercing, it may reject it in the days following. However, piercing rejection can occur after a period of time.

If you suddenly change your piercing and it becomes infected, the migration process will begin again.

How do I make my belly button piercing heal faster?

Use a solution of saline water. This solution is for when you get your belly pierced for the first time, and you want it to recover as quickly as possible.

In one cup of warm water, dissolve 1/8 teaspoon sea salt. Rinse the piercing with this solution before carefully pressing it dry.

Can I put Vaseline on my belly button piercing?

Yes, you can use Vaseline to moisturize your belly piercing. This will help to prevent the skin from drying out and keep it soft.


One of the most serious concerns of a belly button piercing is having it pulled out. This may be unpleasant, but it’s worth it to take care of your piercing. If you care about your navel piercing, you’ll take special care of it and take steps to avoid infection and other skin issues.  your belly piercing will be really stunning.

However, you should be careful when changing clothes because they can easily tangle with your piercing and rip it out.

You might need to go to the hospital to get it treated, and if it left a large hole, you’ll probably require stitches. Simply follow your doctor’s directions, and your belly button will heal quickly. If you’re thinking of getting your belly button pierced again, talk to a skilled piercer first.

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