Explore Major Types of Cartilage Ear Piercings

Nowadays, the trend of getting ear piercings is getting popular. One of the popular types is cartilage piercing. ...
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Hemoptysis Sign and Symptoms with Treatment

There are colorful kinds of hemoptysis, depending on how important blood you cough up in a day. still, ...
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How Can You Clean Belly Button Piercing While Taking Shower?

Suppose you’re thinking about getting your belly button Piercing, or you’ve recently had your belly button Piercing. In ...
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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Recovery – 6 Ways

When you’re struggling with ear tube pain, you’re probably asking how to treat Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). Fortunately, ...
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What is Helix Piercing – Benefits and Aftercare Guide?

You must want a helix piercing for a stylish and cool appearance. However, some think it is an ...
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Different Types Of Ear Piercing: A Chart Of All Names And Types

There are so many ear piercing setups that it can be tough to select the one you want ...
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Symptoms and Causes of Spongiotic Dermatitis

Skin that has sponge-like growths on it becomes dry, red, itchy, and cracked due to sponge-like dermatitis. Typically, ...
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Does getting your ears pierced hurt?

A pinch and some hurting might follow, but these shouldn’t stay long. Either piercing technique will probably cause ...
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What is serotonin deficiency?

Serotonin is also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine(5-HT) and is best known for its role in the mood and behavior ...
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Belly Button Piercing Care That’s Been Ripped Out

When summer is around the corner, everyone wants to get a fun little something to flaunt around and ...
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